Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New fence and a charming Texas town

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Noah and Daddy drove over to our land daily (while we were in Boerne for the week of New Year's) to check on the progress of the new fence we are having installed around our property there.

It is coming along nicely...

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Noah had lots of questions for our fence guys --- about how they were putting together the fence and why this?...and that?... etc. 

He's such a curious little fella and never afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone.
The fence guys were really sweet and took the time to explain all that they had to do to get the fence put in properly.

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They even put him to work at one point while we were there and of course, he loved it!

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We're really pleased how the front entryway gate has turned out...

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After we checked in on our fence, I dropped the hubby and the kids off at the RV.
The little ones were ready for a nap and Noah and Daddy were going to watch some college football together.  I then headed back into town and did a little sightseeing and shopping on my own.

Boerne is such a charming little Texas town...and the shops in the downtown area are really neat.

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It's always nice for mama to get some alone time...and catch my breath. The weather was so beautiful while we were there.   I enjoyed sitting in the downtown area and taking some of these photos while I sipped on a tasty cup of hot chocolate.

While sitting there-- I tried to imagine my life in this little town...what it would feel like living here, working here, going to church here and most importantly, raising our family in this setting.  As we move forward with our plans to build here someday soon, I continue to pray that all our plans will fall into place.  We have labored over this decision for so long---on where to settle our family.  We've moved quite a bit during our marriage for the hubby's work opportunities, but we are both ready to be settled permanently somewhere and establish "roots" for our family. 

Since the hubby spends about half of his monthly work travel in the Austin/San Antonio area anyway...we feel that this part of the state will be a better fit for us and to raise our family.  It puts us about 5-6 hours closer to all of our extended family in the Dallas and East Texas area--which will hopefully allow the kids to spend more time with grandparents, cousins, etc. We've attended our church in Boerne a few times during our visits and have been so impressed with it.  It's a thriving and strong congregation (there are 3 wards there)-- which  is a huge plus for us. 

And yet as ready as we are to move out of the valley to the Hill Country---we find ourselves stuck--in  limbo--- as we await to see what the courts decide with our foster son's case.  We can't bring ourselves to move until we see baby boy's placement through to the end.  And so until then...all our plans must be put on hold.

I've struggled with so many emotions through this process of being a first time foster parent---it's been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and yet at the same time, it's been one of the hardest.  Given the awful circumstances of this case, it makes no sense to me why the courts and CPS officials have let this case drag on now for almost 18months.  I think (no let me rephrase that...) I know the Lord is trying to teach me greater patience through this process of being a foster parent.  My heart and soul have been tugged and pulled in so many directions--the "not knowing" is the hardest part for me.  We continue to pray that the Lord will guide us through this frustrating "waiting game".

We have a big day coming up on the 31st of this month with our son's legal case...the judge set a trial date to begin the termination of birthparent's rights.  My stomach is already in knots as we approach this court proceeding.  I have no idea what to expect.  This is an "adversarial" proceeding with several parties involved--two different alleged birthfathers and their attorneys, the birthmother and her court appointed attorney, the CPS attorneys, and then of course us and our attorney. I hope we don't have to come face to face with any of the family members.  You see one of our problems is we are a non-Spanish speaking, caucasian family trying to adopt a Hispanic boy (in a predominately Hispanic community)--something that is often frowned upon by the culture and could be problematic for us in the end.  But at the end of the day---we love all three of our children the same despite any physical differences others may see.  We are the only family baby boy has ever known...I am the only mommy he's ever known...Jody is the only Daddy he's ever known and Taylor (who he fondly calls "Sissy") and Noah are the only brother and sister he knows.  As heartbreaking as it is to think he may not be with us forever I am trying my best to trust that this is in the Lord's hands.  I know He wants what is best for baby boy.  I know He has a plan for him and his life... and I keep telling myself that I just need to trust in that knowledge.  And so for now I counting down the days until the end of this month in anticipation of our next court date.  :-)

On a lighter note...I hope everyone is having a wonderful January....we sure are enjoying the nice, pretty 70 degree weather we've been having this week in South Texas. 
many blessings,


  1. Praying for a good outcome for your baby boy and all of your family. And hopefully you can move forward to set those roots! It looks like such a wonderful town to live in.

  2. We have gone through a very similar situation and the waiting is indeed agonizing. I really had to reach deep to build the faith to believe that the Lord is in charge. I am used to being a 'take charge' kind of person and it was so humbling to have to exercise faith and let it all play out. I am happy to say that in our situation it did turn out just fine. I will be keeping you and your sweet boy in my prayers.


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