Friday, January 24, 2014

Ice cream and the park

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We took the kids out for ice cream the other day...our favorite is Cold Stone Creamery.   The hubby and I always get the cake batter flavor and Noah likes the cotton candy flavor with gummy bears and marshmallows.  I tell ya--we are such creatures of habit---we rarely veer from these same flavors when we go there.  
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After enjoying our ice cream, we then headed over to one of our local parks which is just around the corner. We have several parks to choose from in our town (which is really nice).  This was our first time to check this particular one out. The kids really enjoyed it...compared to the other larger one we usually go to--I found this one easier for us to keep an eye on the kids (which is a huge plus for us as parents). The hubby and I usually tag team it when we're at the of us keeps an eye on and follows Noah wround while the other is chases the babies around.  :-)  We couldn't have asked for prettier weather while there.  It felt wonderful to be outside.

Noah met some new friends while there...they had fun playing in the sand pit near the volleyball net and the little ones had a blast swinging, climbing on the play equipment and digging in the dirt for leaves together.

Boy hidy...Taylor wore us out while we were there!! This girl has so much energy! She was speed walking all over the place--super engaged and excited to discover and touch everything she could get her hands on.  It was really cute to watch.  It's hard to believe how quick she is growing up and baby boy, too--and well, gosh--Noah, too.  I find myself watching them and wishing so badly that I could slow time they could be this age for a little bit longer.  :-)

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Her new word  is "Up" and you can see quite clearly in this photo that she was
 ready to get down off the horse...

she was saying very clearly to Daddy, "Up!! Up!! Up!!"... :-)

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She loved picking up all the leaves...smelling them and of course--putting them in her mouth.

...we only had to dig about a bazillion rocks and leaves out of her mouth while there....oy! :-)

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Baby boy's favorite thing to do at the park is swing...
oh my-he didn't want to stop. 

I love listening to our usually serious little fella belly laugh when Daddy would
push him on the swing---  higher...and higher.

 I so love his sweet and tender smile...

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A beautiful day spent with the people I love most on this earth...
can't imagine a better way to spend my time.

So thankful for them...



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  1. Looks like such a fun day. The kids look so happy. Are you like me and ever wonder if they can flip out of those baby swings? Sometimes when they lean forward I get nervous that they will fall out. I think I'm the only one :) Call me paranoid.


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