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Christmas Pageant

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We feel really blessed to have found a parochial school that has turned out to be a good fit for our son.   He (and we) love that it's a Christian based school and that his teachers can teach and talk with him and his classmates about Jesus and the Bible.  He seems to be more reverent and inclined to learn in this type of environment than when we had him in the public school setting last year.  He especially enjoys his music class and learning new songs about Jesus.  Each week, he usually comes home excited to share with us a new song and/ or bible verse that he's learned.  

For the past several weeks, he and his classmates have been working hard with his teacher and music director preparing for the school-wide Christmas Pageant (grades K thru 8th).  They've been learning new songs for their performance and our little guy has been counting down the days 'till their big performance.

Last Thursday night was their big night-- were all excited to see our little man get on the stage and sing with his class.  

The morning of... they had dress rehearsal and invited the parents to come and watch.  They encouraged us to do so since they weren't allowing any flash photography for the evening performance.   And so I loaded up the babes and we headed up to the school so I could try and get a few good photos...I was frustrated because I'm still without a zoom lens (broke it during our Spring Break trip back in March...and--I'm hoping "Santa" is going to bring me a new one this Christmas--**wink...wink**) it was a little difficult to get some good photos of him on the stage without that.  I tried to stand as close as I could during the dress rehearsal without, so I was able to take a few that turned out okay I think.  

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Later that night for the performance, he was asked to report to his classroom in his Sunday clothes at 6:30 and wait there until the 7:00 PM performance.  His teacher was busy helping the music director, so a few of us mothers stayed in the classroom and kept the kids at bay until it was time for the pageant to begin.   

The kids were all excited about their performance ...


And as you can imagine, after a few minutes of waiting they started to get a little rowdy...
so I (being the former teacher in the room) quickly gathered the kids together--had them sit quietly on the floor and asked one of the moms to read a few Christmas stories while we waited. 

On a side note here...Noah INSISTED on doing his own hair the night of the performance...oh man-- the hubby went ahead and let him fix it on his own while I was loading the little ones in the suburban.  When they walked out to the car for us to leave-- I must admit, I winced when I saw his hair.  And I was a little frustrated with his Dad because he didn't spike it and fix it like we usually do.  Noah had it super wet and had half-hazardly brushed it off to the side. But the clincher was he had obviously patted it down with almost an entire bottle of hair gel. Oy!!  Oh well I thought to myself...we were running late as it was and had zero time to go back in the house and redo it, so we just went with it.;-)  ( I am learning to choose my battles as a mother...)  

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Thankfully, by the time they went on stage to perform their songs---the hair had dried and it looked much better.  And honestly, after watching the kids sing and perform songs about the Savior...I was a little embarrassed that I had let myself get so frustrated about something as silly as his hair.  I was reminded as I watched him up on the stage and he looked so precious---how blessed I am to be his mama and to be sharing this experience with him.

What a lovely performance it proved to be and the songs the children sang were truly really put all of us watching from the audience in the Christmas spirit. 

I'm so thankful for this time of year and for special experiences like this--where the children gather together to perform Bible verses, speak so lovingly of Jesus' birth, and are able to sing such beautiful and tender songs about Christ.  A tender reminder, indeed, of what the Christmas season is really about--our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And the special mission he performed while on this earth.

I'm especially grateful that Noah had this experience...I can tell that it has brought him closer to the Savior.  He seems to have a deeper love and appreciation for Him as we've been discussing His life this Christmas season and I think some of that is a result of the teaching and preparation that went into him preparing for this special program.

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  1. What fun! Love the pic of Noah with the hair "patted down". LOL Agree, pick your battles. Later he will ask, "mom, what did you do to my hair that day?" to which you will get to smugly exclaim..."you did it on you own kiddo!"


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