Friday, December 13, 2013

Family photos...Keep'in it real

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Professional family photos…I have love/ hate relationship with them. That may surprise some of you since I love photography and take SO MANY pictures of my kids---but professional photo shoots are a totally different thing.  As any parent knows, the preparation of trying to find the perfect outfits that coordinate and complement each other --yet don't match perfectly--that in of itself can be a daunting task.  And then trying to get your small children to sit still and smile just the perfect way (and right on cue, I might add) well that's just short of a miracle for our crew---so I knew we were in for an eventful experience when I decided to do this. 

We haven't had professional family photos taken in a studio setting in years--literally YEARS....the last time was when Noah was 13 months old. Now that our family has expanded---I felt we were due for some updated ones.  I had been hesitant to do this until we knew for sure we'd be able to adopt our dear foster son, but since that whole matter continues to drag on--the hubby and I talked it over and decided what the heck--let's do this.  This little fella is a part of our family and our hearts--no matter what any court may say--whether he's only in our family for a few more months or better yet, becomes a permanent member of our family--we wanted a nice family photo of the kids at this age with him in it.  

My sweet friend here in town, her and her husband are amazing photographers--you can find their website here.  In November, they offered these mini-sessions for the holidays--the price was very affordable, so I booked us a session.  I spent many frustrating hours shopping and trying to pick out outfits leading up to this. I changed my mind a bazillion times and then just finally decided on these outfits and made my peace with it.  I had originally bought the fedora for Noah to wear--but baby boy was so fussy during the session--when we put the fedora on him--he liked it and would stop crying--so he ended up wearing it for most of the photo shoot. 

By the time the day arrived for us to take these photos-- I had literally turned into "mom-zilla".  I was running around the house that afternoon like a mad woman trying to get all the kids bathed and dressed--and all the while try and put on my make up and do my hair.  It was a three-ring circus trying to get them dressed and prevent one of them from spilling milk or getting food on their clothes.  The hubby was running late getting home that day because of a meeting he had at work that went late. by the time he and the kids were all ready--I didn't really have time to do much with my hair so I just threw it up (like I usually do these days) and we raced out the door...running late as usual. 

It was definitely a wild-n-crazy photo shoot...the kids were all fired up and active as could be.  Taylor kept pulling her bow out of her hair and chewing on it.  Noah kept making scary faces instead of smiling and poor baby boy--he became just a little overwhelmed by it all finally. 

Angela, our photographer, just kept saying to the hubby and matter what happens--let me handle it--you just keep looking and smiling into the camera--whew--wee--that's easier said than done!!  

Here are some of the "behind the scenes" photos from our session...

 photo IMG_1655_zps10194063.jpg  photo IMG_1652_zpscf47f5b7.jpg  photo IMG_1662_zpsfe857eb3.jpg  photo IMG_1618_zpsdce8b3dd.jpg  photo IMG_1572_zpsa9e54ad3.jpg
See her going for that darn bow again--oy!!
--this girl is such a pistol I tell ya!!
She despises it when I put a bow in her hair.  ;-)

But despite all the chaos of our photo shoot---
Angela was able to capture some very sweet and beautiful photos.
I don't know how in the world she did it---but I absolutely love all of these.

 photo IMG_1547_zps321d26df.jpg  photo IMG_1687_zps548bada9.jpg  photo IMG_1701_zps2b5aae0a.jpg  photo IMG_1726_zpsda45437a.jpg  photo IMG_1744_zps2b433719.jpg  photo IMG_1601edited_zps42497677.jpg

I'm so grateful for our amazing photographer--Angela of Garmendia Photography--for helping us all feel at ease during the photo shoot.  Yes, it was stressful and at times a little painful trying to get the kids to sit still (more like herding cats)...but I think we got some really special photos in the end.  I am so thankful for this beautiful family of mine...I feel that the Lord has pieced us together in such a special way.  We'll forever cherish these pictures and the funny and crazy moments we shared together taking them.



  1. Love them all!!! She got some great pictures. Even the one with baby boy crying is something to be treasured, especially because it looks like Taylor is trying to soothe him in one of them. You all look fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my gosh--that first one is absolutely priceless! It just makes me laugh, and smile, and feel happy. :) Seriously, each one of these tells a great story and is really beautiful in its own way. You really ended up with a beautiful portfolio of "story-telling" AND "professional" shots (I'm not sure of the right words to use, but hopefully I'm making sense!). Your family is just gorgeous and I love the photos. I'm glad you decided to have them done!!! Way to go. :)


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