Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

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On Christmas Eve, I spent most of the day baking and cooking in the kitchen. We let Noah go to the Little Gym for a special holiday camp they were having and so when the babies were taking their naps, I enjoyed listening to Christmas music and putting together some holiday treats to deliver that night to our neighbors and friends from church. I made peanut butter fudge (got the recipe from Sarah over at Clover Lane) and then chocolate chip cookies along with some yummy chocolate peanut butter bars (I'll post the recipe soon).

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What a special Christmas Eve we had together....I think my favorite part of our day though was when we drove around the neighborhood delivering the goodies we had made for our neighbors. Noah wanted to make the deliveries himself.  He wore his little Santa hat and at each stop---he would run up to the door with the goodies in hand, ring the doorbell and when they'd answer he'd exclaim excitedly holding out the goodie box, "Ho! Ho! Ho!...Merry Christmas!"  
We also dropped off several gifts and goodies to a few families from our church who are struggling financially and we knew would probably not have much this year for the holidays. It was truly a humbling experience for all of us. We've decided to make this a family tradition each year for Christmas Eve...delivering treats and gifts to a few families that are in need of some holiday cheer. We want our children to understand what this holiday truly means and how giving is more important and rewarding spiritually than receiving gifts.


We decided to start a new tradition this year of letting the kids open presents they bought each other and then open a few of the gifts from their grandparents.  They had so much fun opening the presents together. Noah was a sweetheart--he helped Taylor and baby boy open their presents and then he opened his.  Taylor had a blast ripping all the bows off the presents---I think that was her favorite part.

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Taylor was cracking us up as she worked hard at one point to get the wrapping paper and tape off the bottom of her foot...

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After we opened the presents we had bought each other and from grandparents, we made some hot chocolate and let the kids watch Polar Express for a little while. We then talked about Christ and why we really celebrate this holiday. Daddy read a children's book to the kids about the Savior's birth and then it was off to bed so Santa Claus could come and drop off all his much anticipated gifts. 
I look forward to sharing more pics from our Christmas morning with the kiddos. It will have to wait though because we are headed to the Hill Country today with the kids to go RVing for New Years. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week.... 

 many blessings!

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  1. So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Noah was as excited about receiving Despicable Me 2 as our girls were. LOL Love Taylor's facial expressions trying to get the wrapping paper off her feet. Enjoy RVing. Happy New Year!!


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