Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A visit with Santa and that cool gadget store


No Christmas would be complete for our crew without a trip to the mall to say "Hello!" to Santa.  We took the kids recently on a Friday night to our local mall to visit with Santa and let the kiddos whisper in his ear a few goodies they are hoping to get this year.

When we arrived, I was so relieved to find that there were no long lines. Thank goodness!!  I was guaranteed a migraine headache with our crew if we had to stand in a long line.  Instead, we were able to walk right up and plop the babies on Santa's lap (and position Noah right next to him) and start snapping away.

I just knew Taylor was going to start crying when we plopped her in his lap---but baby girl wasn't even phased by 'ole Saint Nick.  She was as calm as could be.  And so was baby boy. I think having Noah nearby helped keep them calm.

  IMG_8287IMG_8289 IMG_8290 IMG_8291 IMG_8298 IMG_8299 IMG_8302

Their expressions pretty much crack me up--
baby boy is as serious as ever (never one to smile for the camera)...
Noah is sporting his well rehearsed smile (he's had a lot of practice over the years)...

 and little miss Tay-Tay--
well, girlfriend was just a chill'in and enjoying the attention. ;-)


 Afterwards, we headed to the hubby and Noah's favorite store in the mall.
 They always love playing with all the high-tech gadgets in there.

IMG_8313 IMG_8316 IMG_8319 IMG_8320 IMG_8324 IMG_8326

We ended up having a fun family night at the mall....we rarely go over there--it's usually way too packed...half of Mexico is usually there (they come across the border and do all their shopping here then cross back over the border)--but thankfully the crowds weren't too bad when we were there.  The kids really enjoyed getting to see Santa and the humongous Christmas tree.  Noah found all sorts of cool stuff at the gadget store that he is asking Santa to bring him this year. (* wink * *wink *)  Afterward, we were starving so we loaded the kids back in the suburban and headed over to Wallbangers for some yummy burgers. 

Good times indeed and a fun way to kick off the holiday season together!


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  1. The pictures are priceless. I love the one of Noah making faces at the babies trying to get them to laugh or smile. Hubby loves that store too. He was playing with the helicopters last week! LOL


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