Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New York City

(my fortune cookie from the night before we left for this trip) 

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 A few weeks ago the hubby and I took a trip to "The Big Apple".  We were super excited
to be able to take this little getaway and equally grateful to our dear friends
who were so kind to take care of our crew while we were out of town.

nyc-2 nyc-3

As soon as you pull into the city, you can feel the energy of all the
sights, sounds and's pretty amazing.

IMG_8119 IMG_8112 IMG_8099 IMG_8096

Our hotel in Manhattan was fabulous--absolutely loved it.
Super convenient location in mid-town and very nice--I'd highly recommend it.

nyc-5 IMG_8094

Across the street from the Omni was this great deli, so in addition to the hotel's restaurant,
we also had this option to grab a bite to eat when we needed something quick and easy
before leaving the hotel.

IMG_8092 IMG_8095 IMG_8093 IMG_8111 IMG_8116

We bought a New York Pass with the Hop On--Hop Off bus option to do our sightseeing.
I would highly recommend that to anyone visiting the city (especially for the first time).
It was a really convenient way for us to tour the city and get to the main tourist
attractions conveniently. And you literally can just hop on and off
wherever you want in the city.  Because as we learned the hard way, trying to hail a cab
in NYC is not an easy thing--especially for novice tourists like ourselves.

Also, with the NYC pass, you don't have to wait in the long lines at the tourist
locations, Broadway musicals or plays--we were able to get in and see things much faster
by having these passes.

IMG_8119 IMG_8122 IMG_8123 IMG_8124 IMG_8127 IMG_8130 IMG_8132 IMG_8134 IMG_8135 nyc-8

Times Square at midnight...

so impressive to see it all lit up with all the bright lights and billboards.
It was unbelievable how crowded it was--even that late at night.
This city literally doesn't sleep.


We saw some pretty interesting folks...
it was in the low 40s and so windy that night (we were freezing)
but it didn't seem to phase this guy.  We were cracking up.


The highlight of this night was running into Chris Noth, the actor
from the Good Wife (my favorite tv show).  He walked right in front of us and
I immediately recognized him.  My hubby asked me if I was sure and I said, "Heck yeah!"
I never miss an episode of the Good Wife...I know that face. :-)

So my hubby being the brave and fearless soul that he is, just walked right up to him
and struck up a conversation.  I couldn't believe it.  Surprisingly, he was a really nice guy.
I'm sure he gets bombarded with fans approaching him--so I was nervous he might be rude
and brush us off.  But he didn't.

He asked my hubby where we were from and when he heard Texas he responded,
"Oh man, I'm not very popular down there right now...I spoke out against the Tea Party 
last week and they hate me in Texas." My hubby is not a fan of the Tea Party either,
so they had a nice little conversation about Texas politics for a few minutes
and then Mr. Noth had to run.

And as for me, well I was so star struck...I couldn't seem to get a word to come out of mouth.
I just stood there like a goober and had this goofy smile on my face the entire time.
Afterwards, I regretted not asking to take a picture with him,
but I was too scared to ask him while we were standing there with him. Argh!!

Oh well, it was really cool getting to see him in person.
And that my friends was the only celebrity we saw while we were there.

We had way too much fun one of our nights there knocking around all the tourist stores...

nyc-11 nyc-13
The Flatiron neat to see it up close.

We didn't take the tour of the Empire State building,
but we did walk around it and take a few photos.


It was humbling to stand in front of the newly constructed One World Trade Center...
hard to believe the devastation that took place here and now they've
been able to rebuild and turn it into a beautiful and vibrant addition for the city.

We were freezing most of the time, so the hats, gloves, scarfs and earmuffs
were a necessity--but we weren't complaining one bit.
Living in South Texas, we rarely get to enjoy cool fall temperatures like this.
It was wonderful.

My mother and sister-in-law insisted that we go to Max Brenners and try their hot chocolate.
They said it was amazing and we wouldn't be disappointed.
So we cabbed it over to Union Square where it's located and tried it out.

The hubby was cracking me up in this photo...if you can't tell,
he was a doubter--he kept saying while we were waiting for our hot chocolate
 that he didn't see what all "the hoopla" was about.

He figured it was probably just going to taste like every other typical hot chocolate
we'd drank before...


Well, Max Brenner proved him wrong...holy-moly!!
It truly is the most amazing hot chocolate.
You should have seen the look on my hubby's face when he took the first sip.

In fact, we loved it so much--we went back to Max Brenners three separate
times during our trip to have a cup of their amazing hot chocolate.
And the hubby is now a believer!


Without question, if you're ever in must visit Max Brenners.
You won't be disappointed. ;-)

nyc-30 IMG_8102

Of course, we also enjoyed popping in and taking a break from the cold
at my other favorite hot chocolate joint...Starbucks.

We stumbled onto this amazing bookstore...if you enjoy this sort of thing
I highly recommend you visiting the Strand Book Store in NYC.
It first opened in 1927 and has every kind of book imaginable...
new, used and rare books.

We loved it!

nyc-34 nyc-35 nyc-41 nyc-36

Of course, no visit to NYC would be complete without checking out the "Top of the Rock"
Observation deck at the famed Rockefeller Center.

nyc-62 nyc-48 nyc-46 nyc-51
This was probably one of the highlights of our trip getting stand up on top
of this amazing building and take in the breathtaking view of the city from
all different angles.

nyc-54 nyc-57
nyc-59 nyc-60
Love this handsome man so much...we had such a blast up on the
observation deck--even though we froze our booties off!

My sweet hubby took me on a fancy dinner date the second night there at the "21 Club".
We got all dressed up and enjoyed a fabulous meal.
It was such a treat to spend this time together--just the two of us.

Afterwards we took a cab over to Central Park and took in the beautiful scenery.

We toured the famed St. Patrick's Cathedral... just so amazingly beautiful.
They are doing a massive restoration project on this cathedral
right I hope we can visit it again someday after that's completed.

And our last night in NYC, we went to the Little Italy district and ate at Angelo's.
It was sooooo good!  Well worth the cab ride down there.


Such a fun and fabulous getaway with my honey in NYC...
and I have to admit, it was really hard to leave it and come back home.

I look forward to visiting this amazing city again someday--
there's so much to see--I feel like we just barely scratched the surface.


  1. Looks like you two had a fabulous time! Such wonderful photos of the two of you. I grew up on Long Island, but moved south when I was 10. I am hoping to convince hubby to take a trip back home soon!!

    1. Oh girl, you and your hubby should definitely make a trip there! My only regret is that we didn't stay a few more days so we could have really seen more. :-)

  2. You went to some of my most favorite places, especially the Strand!
    PS - I am also a lover of The Good Wife! I am so jealous that you saw him!

  3. Nothing better than spending time and making memories in a big city.


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