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"When I read or hear about those who condemn homemaking as a constant round of unrewarding drudgery—monotonous, dull, without challenge, confining—I wonder if they’re talking about the same things I do every day. 

I have found that it takes every ounce of skill and energy and imagination I possess to keep my home running as I’d like it—and, even at my best, there’s always room for improvement. I have found homemaking very satisfying, exciting, creative, interesting, challenging, uplifting. 

I admit it isn’t always sweetness and light. There have certainly been times when I’ve been in the very depths of discouragement as I’ve looked about me at wonderful, talented, successful women who’ve had beautiful, uncluttered homes, beautiful figures, beautiful clothes. At these times I’ve felt that all I’d ever done was squeeze thousands of peaches and pears into quart jars, fold millions of diapers, and iron several thousand shirts—not to mention the ruffled dresses, in those pre-wash-and-wear days, that my daughters wore to school every day. There were times when I thought I would never be caught up with the washing. 

Yes, discouragement, failure, frustration, despair—I’ve known them all. But those were the exceptions. I have also found great satisfaction in trying to create a physical environment that would make my home a warm, welcoming place, a place where love, harmony, joy, and contentment could flourish. 

Even in my lowest ebb, my Father in Heaven has not left me comfortless. He has given me faith and hope, a knowledge that life is meant to have difficulties and problems—that it’s necessary to taste the bitter and experience the challenges in order to more fully appreciate the sweet, to increase our awareness of what is truly of value in our lives, and to help us be sensitive to the blessings we do enjoy." 

~Margaret Richards, "I Rejoice in Being a Mother"

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The most exhausting,
rewarding and 
life-enhancing journey a woman can take.”

 ~ Charlotte Pearson, Mummy Fever: Mission Accomplished




  1. Ha! I so remember those days. I am in the midst of a study of Romans, so I could relate to the late statement by Margaret Richards.

  2. Oh our house is the same! Also, Wes loves the kind of couch that Baby Boy is sitting on! I have to literally draaaaag him away from the one our friends have.

  3. Love your blog Jen!!!

  4. Great story. How true. I love the peak into the everyday at your house. Pretty mama with an adorable family.

  5. Oh I loved this post with my whole heart! It really does take every ounce of energy and imagination and skill to run a happy and successful home. You're doing such a great job, my friend!


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