Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our little basketball player


Over the summer, Noah started showing lots of interest in basketball. He wanted to play every day practically.  He dribbles his basketball around the house all the time and loves to go up to our church and shoot hoops with his Daddy in the gym in the evenings. 

In August, we found out from one of the other attorneys at my husband's law firm about this great youth basketball league and after calling and talking with the coach--we were impressed with the format and his approach-- we registered him for the fall season. He's had a few practices to date and seems to really enjoy it.  There were several boys that were in his class at school last year---so he was happy to see them. 

This past Saturday, he had his first b-ball shooting clinic with the was pretty intensive. The kids had to be there at 9AM and practiced until 2:30PM. We were a little worried it might be too long for him---that he might get bored or lose interest--but when we went to pick him up afterwards---he was all sweaty and couldn't stop talking about all the new techniques he had learned. 

 We're sure hoping he'll continue to enjoy his first season of basketball...


This Saturday is their first "official" game...
we're looking forward to cheering our little man on from the sidelines.

It was so his practice last night--we were standing off to the side in the gym watching and just before it was Noah's turn to take the ball and run and shoot it in the basket...he looked over at the hubby and me and gave us the biggest smile while giving us "the thumbs up" gesture.  And we happily made the same gesture back  at him.  

I was thinking after that as we sat and watched his practice how some times I take for granted as a parent how important it is to your child to be there.... be present and attentive.... lovingly supporting them as they work hard at experiencing and mastering new things. 

Ever so often I looked around the gym at some of the other parents, I noticed how a few had been glued to their iPads and cell phones the entire practice.  I then observed how their children felt great disappointment when they would excitedly shoot and make a basket--then quickly look over at their mom and dad hoping for praise--- only to realize that they hadn't even been watching.  Gosh it broke my heart to watch this---such a powerful lesson (and reminder) for me personally to be careful and not make the same mistake as a parent.  Put the darn cell phone down and focus on your kid!! Your Facebook, twitter and Instagram friends can wait...those cool games you like to play on your iPad or cell phone--yep---they'll be there for you to play after your child's b-ball practice. :-)

This is something we're consciously working on as parents ---to be more present and attentive at events like these with our son and to not be glued to our cell phones or iPads.  It's not always easy---especially for my husband because he gets so many work and church phone calls, texts and emails over the course of his day.  And I'll readily admit to my addiction to Instagram and Pinterest that can be such a distraction for me as a mom---but Jody and I have re-committed to making family time a priority over these outside distractions (i.e. text messages, emails, social media, etc.).  Distractions that all too often seem to be in conflict with meaningful and quality family time.   After all....we only get one shot at this parenting gig and we don't want to screw it up. Sadly for so many parents---they allow the distractions of technology to get in the way of enjoying and appreciating all the little moments like this with their children. 

Okay now I'll get off my soapbox :-) ....watching Noah last night made my heart swell--- we love our little fella so much---we're so proud of how hard he's working at learning this new sport-- even though it can be a little challenging for him at times.  He never ceases to amaze us with his optimism ---he's a happy and carefree kid and we are truly grateful for his love of life (and basketball). :-)


  1. What a fun thing for Noah! Evan is going to try the basketball after-school club this fall (which won't be nearly as cool, but it's something!) and I'm excited to hear his opinion on it. It starts this Friday.

    I love how your kids know that you love them and support them and that they can look to you and you'll be there (in many ways!).

    Hope everyone is healthy these days. Sure love your blog and seeing your sweet family.

    1. Aww...thanks so much, Jen! I hope Evan really enjoys his basketball club--it's so cute to watch the little ones play. :-) Great to hear from you!

  2. Looks like he is loving it. And yes, as a parent who had two girls in sports growing up and one that coached (another who is currently coaching)...I agree...parents need to be more attentive to their children. I cannot tell you the number of times a child I know has run up to his/her mom/dad and said, "did ya see that"...only for them to say, "no, I'm sorry" sheepishly because they were glued to their cell phones!!


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