Monday, September 30, 2013

snippets of our weekend

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// sick //

Our weekend started off by baby boy and I spending the afternoon waiting in the lobby of our pediatrician's office---ugh!!  We seriously should just start renting a room in his office.  I think our family alone may pay for his rent each month with all the doctor visits we end up having to make each month.

Baby boy had been running a low grade fever all last week, had a pretty bad cough and runny nose --so I figured I better get him in. The doc ran some tests and poor guy has a double ear infection--he'll be on antibiotics for the next several days while his health improves.

I told the doc that I'll probably be back this next week with Tay-Tay---she's already showing signs of a runny nose--so I'm betting she may be developing the same thing.  If one gets sick--they usually all get sick. 


// best buddies //

These two--I tell ya---they are so precious together...they are never far apart on any given day from one another. They enjoyed watching cartoons together in their chairs while snacking on Captain Crunch Berry cereal.  Of course, they weren't smiling, happy people the entire time---they had a little tug-o-war a few times over each other's snack bags and blanket--but they quickly kissed and made up. ;-)

// post bath //

After bath time...the kids love to crawl into Daddy's lap and hang out for a bit before bedtime. 

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// post Saturday morning cartoons and diaper changes //

I normally like them to be fully clothed at all times when hanging around the house-- so they thought it was pretty cool and such a treat to get to run around the house for a bit in just their diapers.  There was lots of giggling going on in these pictures.

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// Basketball camp //

Noah has started playing on a basketball team this month...he's super excited about it  It's really the only sport that he's shown any interest in--so Jody and I are stoked about it, too.  The last two Saturdays he's had all day camps where they work on their offense/defense and shooting skills.  His first game is this coming Saturday, so we're all looking forward to that. 

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// Father and daughter // 

Daddy and Tay-Tay enjoyed some bonding time together before we watched the A&M game...I love watching the two of them together.  She loves giving her Daddy big hugs and kisses.  

And of course...Daddy eats it up.  It's so precious to watch.

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// chow time //

Tay-Tay is such a hoot in her high chair before dinner time---she likes to sing and giggle while I get her food ready.  I know I'm partial, but seriously--she is the most happy baby I think I've ever been around.  

I'm so thankful for that. 

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// homework //

We tackled some of Noah's math homework over the weekend---it took some bribing--I won't lie--but I feel zero shame about that.  We'll do whatever it takes to keep Little Man motivated about his school work.  He was so happy after he finished it and was able to watch a movie of his picking while eating popcorn.  Whew!! This 1st grade homework can get a little stressful some times. 
// wrestling with daddy //

What is it about tackling and climbing over Daddy that is so much darn fun?? I remember my brothers and I doing this when we were little.  The boys would always start wrestling with Daddy or my Dad would hold them down and tickle them till they couldn't breathe.  

Our kiddos are no different---they had fun tackling Daddy Sunday when he returned home from church.  Tay-Tay cracked me up...she jumped right in the middle of the wrestling with the boys and never cowered down for a minute--she's one tough cookie!

Loved our relaxing weekend just hanging out, watching college football and watching the kids play together.  It's always so was nice to get this quality time together as a family--I just wish it had been a 3-day weekend instead.  The weekends always seem to fly by way too fast. 


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  1. Great pictures! And, I wouldn't really consider that a bribe. I mean most kids watch hours of tv on the weekend. So, if all it took was 1 movie and some popcorn...go for it! LOL


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