Sunday, September 15, 2013

Recovery, life lately and slowing down

Hello there....

I have missed this little space and keeping in touch with everyone.  I have been wanting to write a post and update the blog, but I've been feeling under the weather here lately.  The Lord has definitely been allowing our little family to be stretched these past few weeks with some health issues which have forced us to slow our life down a bit and nest at home.

Let me explain....It all started when our foster son became really ill over the Labor Day weekend and had to be hospitalized for two days.  Thankfully it wasn't anything serious---just a really nasty virus that required him to have IV fluids while it ran its course.  But as you can imagine---the hubby and I had to take turns living at the hospital with him while he was recovering....not a pleasant experience trying to sleep on a cold, hard hospital chair and all the while try and calm a screaming 22 month old while he was intent on ripping out his IV.  Bless his heart---the IV was so uncomfortable for him and just the whole experience had to be scary for our little guy---my heart broke for him--but in the end it seemed to help him feel better.  

Thankfully the virus ran its course and baby boy was discharged from the hospital on the 3rd of Sept.  He was so happy to be out of what I'm sure he felt like was a prison--when Jody brought him home from the hospital--baby boy came bursting through the door with the biggest smile and ran straight for his toys.  :-)  

The hubby and I were right back at the hospital early that next morning, the 4th of Sept., for a surgery I was having done. For months I've had a rather large cyst on my left ovary that has been causing me lots of discomfort.  My Ob-Gyn had been monitoring it with monthly sonograms hoping it would go away on its own.  Unfortunately it continued to grow in size.  So after a blood test this summer that revealed I had increased levels for possible ovarian cancer--my doctor and I discussed it and decided it was definitely time to remove the cyst.  I coordinated the date with my sweet mom so she could fly down and help us with the kids while I recovered.  

Going into the surgery--the doctor explained to us that there were two options for removing the cyst.  The less invasive route would be to do a laparoscopy which requires anesthesia but is an outpatient procedure that only requires about a 3 day recovery. I've had two other laparoscopy procedures to remove endometriosis and cysts before--so I knew what to expect. The other option--which was definitely the less desirable option was an oophorectomy which is a much more invasive way to remove the cyst and requires a deep abdominal cut like a c-section.  We were praying we wouldn't have to go with that option but when my doctor and her partner opened me up during the surgery--they discovered that the cyst and ovary had attached to a portion of my bladder and it was going to be a more complicated surgery to try and remove it without damaging my bladder or other organs. They also found extensive endometriosis on both the left and right side of my uterus.  So the approach they ended up taking during my surgery was the oophorectomy.  The good news is they were able to remove both the damaged ovary, the cyst and the fallopian tube without any problems.  They also were able to clean out most of the endometriosis which will help alleviate the pain and discomfort I had been feeling for months leading up to my surgery. 

Unfortunately, the recovery time is much longer and more painful which prevents me from driving or lifting anything over 5-10 lbs for 6 weeks-this really stinks because it's kind of hard to refrain from activity when I have 3 small and very active children---2 of which require constant lifting over the course of a normal day.

When I awoke from my surgery--I could tell immediately without talking with my doctor that they had to do the more aggressive surgery because I was in so much pain.  Oh my gosh it was searing pain. My heart just sank and I started to cry.  I felt so discouraged at that moment---also I was  feeling really nauseated.  I was dreading having to spend the next few days in the hospital.  I was worried about my kids and how my hubby and my mom were going to manage without me.  I was also really sad about the extended, painful recovery time I'd face when I got home.  So the tears flowed freely while I laid in recovery waiting for my doctor to come and talk with me.

As I was waiting in the recovery room ---my nurse was so sweet---she wiped away my tears with a tissue and fed me ice.  God bless nurses...oh my goodness--I will forever be grateful to this dear woman for tenderly caring for me those few hours after my surgery. 

The doctor came over to speak with me before they moved me to my room and explained what they had found in my surgery and put my mind at ease about everything.  She talked with me about the fact that they didn't have any concerns about the cyst being cancerous ---which naturally was a huge relief.  And then she gave me some phenergan in my IV to stop the nausea. Within the hour they had me settled in my hospital room, my nausea had subsided (thank goodenss!) and I had a morphine drip hooked up to my IV that was a God-send---it washed away my pain every time I hit the button.  :-)

3 days after my surgery I was back home and since then I have been recovering at home--taking it very slow.  My mom has been such an angel.  For the past two weeks she has lovingly and patiently taken care of my family. It's been hard on's not easy taking care of this rambunctious crew.  I don't know what we would have done without her being here.  She had to fly back home this morning---so I'm so sad about her not being here now.  I already miss's hard living so far away from our extended family--especially during times like this.  But we have also been so blessed by so many of our dear friends from church.  Several of the ladies took turns all last week bringing us wonderful meals and helped my mom take care of the babies.  These same dear friends are also going to help me this next week with the babies since my mom has gone back home.  

I'm still really, really sore and having to take it slow...but every day I am feeling a little better.  I worry  about how we're going to make it work these next few weeks, but I know that the Lord is watching over us and will take care of our needs.  I am so thankful for his guiding hand in my life....comforting and protecting us through all of this.  

I am reminded through this experience that sometimes I feel that the Lord allows us to suffer pain and health problems in this life as a way to force us to slow down, take stock of where we are in life --reset our priorities and draw closer to Him in the process. I am trying to do that as I recover.  I also look forward to catching up on my blog with some other posts I've been meaning to write and share---so look for new posts to come soon while I am laid up in the bed recovering and healing.  :-)

Until then....I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday.



  1. Oh Jenn, you have been through quite a lot. Being sick is no fun with little ones, I can't begin to imagine recovering from major surgery with 3! Please know you will all be in our prayers. So thankful to hear that they do not believe the cyst is cancerous...praise God!!!

    Praying God provides the helping hands you need over the next few weeks.

  2. Praying for a speedy recovery. So glad Kiki was able to help, I know she wouldn't have had it any other way. Also, so glad to hear that cancer was not found!

    1. Thank you, V...the news was a relief. So good to hear from you. :-)

  3. Wow! You've really been busy! ;) Please know that you are still in our thoughts and prayers. You are fighting so many battles and are doing such a good job. I wish I could be there to bring you a meal or to watch the little ones while you rest!!!

    I recently watched this 3-part video series from Elder Christofferson:
    We've had some big life twists and turns of late and this really brought peace to me, considering the thought of just receiving the light, strength, and guidance that I need for one day at a time. I'd imagine you'll be taking one day at a time for the next little bit, and maybe this will be uplifting to you as it was to me.

    You're really amazing, you know. Keep at it! You and your family are doing wonderful and great things! I hope the recovery process passes quickly for you.


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