Monday, September 16, 2013

Patience and nesting with my little ones


"To sit and wait is as important as to move.  
Patience is as valuable as industry.  
What is to be known is always there.  
When it reveals itself to you, or when you come upon it, it is by chance.  
The only condition is you being there and being watchful."
- Wendell Berry

With mama still recovering from surgery and not feeling well, we've been nesting more than usual at home. The kids have been such good sports about it.  I really had no idea going into my surgery how sore I would be afterwards and the degree to which it would put me out of commission....ugh--it's been so frustrating to not be able to do all the things I'm used to doing.

I'm having to rely on other people for help and that's not something I'm really good at doing...I don't like having to ask for help.  I guess the Lord is teaching me some life lessons here through my health challenges---most importantly patience and to let others help me when they reach out in kindness. :-)

I've been truly humbled by the help I have mother who tirelessly took care of us for two weeks.  My sweet hubby who helps me so much in the evenings with cooking, bathing the kids and getting Noah to and from school each day.  My sweet friends from church who watch the babies for me while Jody is at work.  All of these kind souls have loved on me in so many ways by their service and I will forever be grateful to them for their service to our family in our time of need.  I hope I can return the favor and offer my service to each of them someday.


Noah has been so sweet to me---eagerly coming into my bedroom while I was laid up in the bed all last week to check on me...he's really been concerned about his mama---bringing me water and chocolate snacks to cheer me up. Asking to see my stitches each day to see if they're better. And snuggling next to me in the bed ever so gently while we watch a movie so as not to hurt my stitches.  Such a sweetheart.  He has a strong independent spirit that can be challenging at times to manage but oh my goodness--he has such a tender and loving heart.  He is always so concerned about his family and loves to entertain us with his funny personality.


Now that Taylor is getting older and able to crawl around and interact more with the boys, it's really fun for me to sit back and watch all three of the kids play together...I especially love photographing them while they do so.

IMG_7519 IMG_7521 IMG_7522 IMG_7528 IMG_7533 IMG_7537 IMG_7538 IMG_7518 IMG_7540 IMG_7543 IMG_7544 IMG_7545 IMG_7546 IMG_7549 IMG_7551 IMG_7555 IMG_7561 IMG_7567 IMG_7566IMG_7563 IMG_7571

Little man never shies away from a chance to help in the kitchen...even while in underwear. ;-)

As I was watching the kiddos play around the house and taking these pictures-I was thinking to myself how quickly they are growing up. It just seems like yesterday that we were bringing Taylor home from the hospital and now she's almost walking.  Giggling and laughing with her older brothers.  


As a parent, I think one valuable gift that comes with this job is you are allowed a deeper sense of appreciation for time---the time we spend with our children in particular.  We see through our relationships with our children how fast this life flies by--how each day is truly a gift. And how important it is to cherish every moment we have with them---even during the hard times.  

I think every parent would agree....there are some really hard days that we face some days...I have definitely felt those here lately---days that feel so much more challenging and difficult to get through  than others.  But I'm grateful that the hard times always seem to ease and our days do eventually become brighter---that we can as mothers, fathers and families make it through life's adversities if we stay close to our Father in Heaven and know that these trials are just for a season--and that great blessings wait for us on the other side of them.

I have been pondering my own recent challenges with my health and how sometimes life forces us to slow down.... and when we accept this and do so with a patient heart-- we are given an opportunity to refocus our lens on life... reset our priorities with a deeper sense of gratitude and reflection... and take stock of all the blessings in our lives.



  1. You continue to be in our prayers. The kiddos are so stinkin cute! Love those pigtails. I cannot get over how much they have ALL grown in the past year.

    1. Your prayers mean so much...thank you, Lauren!

  2. Hi Jennifer, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    1. Hi Chris...thank you---so happy you stopped by my blog. Look forward to stopping by yours, as well. :-)


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