Friday, September 27, 2013

10 months

It's almost the end of the month and I realized I had not yet done Taylor's 
10-month blog post, so here ya go baby girl....

You are one active little "diva" these days---you keep your mama and daddy quite
busy chasing you all around the house. :-)  You are doing a full on crawl on all fours
now (no longer the army crawl you were doing last month) and man--you can
get around super fast.  You really like it when Daddy or I chase you around the house---
you start laughing and giggling so hard.  You also like it when Mommy plays peek-a-boo
with you.  

The other night your Daddy was watching the Texas A&M vs. SMU football game and you 
were so got a hold of the t.v. remote at one point and started pushing all the buttons.
As soon as you saw Daddy coming over to you to get the remote--you bolted and took
off crawling as fast as you could across the room to get away from him while still holding the remote.
We were cracking up and laughing so hard....such a little stinker! ;-)

You still don't care for wearing shoes or kind of drives Mommy bonkers--
you have some really cute shoes that I've bought you--but no ma'am--
you pull those suckers off as soon as I put them on you.

 It's pretty funny though--
I'm guessing that will change when you start walking around.
So until are enjoying being barefoot most days. :-)

Bath time is probably your favorite thing of the love to splash-splash and get water
all over your face--which is pretty impressive because your brothers get all fussy and whiney
when the water gets in their face.

You love to put your hand out and feel the water pour out of the faucet into the tub--
it always makes you giggle and smile.  I think when you're a little bit older---you are going to 
enjoy learning how to swim in the pool.

Some of your favorite foods are sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, green beans and we just recently 
learned that you LOVE pumpkin bread.  You are never one to turn away food or be
picky which is so nice.  You are also drinking out of a sippy cup and I can tell you
feel like such a big girl when doing's cute.  You really like drinking apple juice.


And oh my goodness, that pretty hair of yours is getting much fuller and longer--
I think it's going to be naturally wavy because after your bath and while it's wet---
it's super curly.  I look forward to when it gets a little bit longer and we can braid it.
For now, I have fun putting it in pigtails. :-)

Let's see what else am I forgetting...oh yes!--you now have four upper teeth and two
on the bottom...yippee!!  You have been teething like crazy the past two months.
It's so cute to see those precious little baby teeth--oh my goodness. are quite the little dancer little mama--you LOVE IT when Noah turns
on his music playlist on Mommy's iPhone--it's hilarious to watch you
clap your hands and rock back and forth on your bottom to the music.
You have with the biggest grin on your face...we've learned that your favorite song
to dance to on Noah's playlist is "Dynamite". :-)

Since my surgery a few weeks ago--I've had to rely on your grandmother, KiKi,
and some sweet ladies from church to help take care of you during the day while
I'm recovering. I still can't pick you up or hold you for very long (you are quite
the wiggle worm!) It's been so hard baby girl to not be around you as much during
 the day--- I have so missed us getting to spend our usual days together knocking
around and hanging out at the house...being able to pick you up and hold you.
 But thankfully mommy's tummy is feeling better and soon I"ll be able to pick you
up and hold you like before.

What a sweet and strong daughter of God you are--every time I look at you--
hold you-- I feel such gratitude in my heart for being your mommy.

You are a ray of sunshine.....
we love you sweet daughter---so very much!



  1. She is so precious. Those cheeks!!! Ya just want to squeeze them.

    1. Thank you...she is a dream come true! :-)


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