Friday, August 2, 2013

It's Friday....

So happy it's Friday---here's a few of our phone pics from this week...

Miss "Thang" going au-naturel this week...
she's still not doing a full crawl yet---but she can army crawl all over the house 
and oh man---she's into EVERYTHING --
and--she's in that stage where she is putting 
EVERYTHING in her mouth.  Oy vey!!

Busted chewing on something she wasn't supposed to...

Lola was due for her annual vaccinations, and so Noah 
was my helpful sidekick at the vet's office. 

Our sweet kitty-cat was NOT so sweet at the vet's office- holy-crap! 
she went ape-crazy when it was time for the medicine and her shots---
she hissed and scratched all of us. 

Poor Noah backed up against the wall-- his mouth was gaping open--
and I mean literally--"gaping" with eyes as big as Texas 
during all the drama with his kitty---
I think both he and Lola were scarred from that event.  
And mama was a little pee'd off that she scratched me! 

I spy a NEW BABY TOOTH...oh my!!   I was peeking in her mouth the other day 
and noticed one of her upper front teeth popping through. 
She's growing up way too fast...will be turning 
9 months old in just a few days.

The kids have really enjoyed their summer ...
they've been playing A LOT together.
The babes especially love it when Noah plays with them.

We had some friends over from church this week and I made this dessert...
Chocolate Chip cheesecake---it's so easy to make and super yummy.   
If you'd like the recipe--click here.

Taylor Elizabeth loves her little board books...she will sit and turn through
 the pages and then touch the pictures with her 
pointer finger ever so slowly and gently. 
I love to watch her explore and discover new things.

Noah's grandpa (Pop) made him a worm stick...
he's been having so much fun with it outside digging for worms and snails. 
You rub down the side of it with another stick while it's down in the ground
and the worms and snails start crawling out of the ground.  
It's the coolest thing. 

While Noah was at one of his summer camps this week, 
the little ones and I headed to Target to get all of his school supplies. 
Down here where we live---if you don't go early (like several weeks in advance)
you're out of luck when it comes time for school and trying to get the supplies. 
("Ahem"...we learned the hard way last year!) 
So we spent a good hour and half in Target shopping for all his supplies--
the little ones were pooped out afterwards....
in fact, before I even pulled out of the parking lot---
they were both passed out.

He's convinced us that bath time for him 
is much more fun (and effective) with goggles. :-)

And to end our week in photos, I'll close with this one...

Noah made his mama cry this week (in a good, sweet kind of way of course).
 I guess he found an old, used envelope in one of my drawers--
it even had my name on it already--
and he wrote this sweet note all by himself 
and then put it in the envelope.

He came in the kitchen while I was making dinner the other night and said,
  "Mommy....I made you something." 
And then he handed this envelope to me.

Oh my...the tears freely flowed as I read it 
and then looked down at his sweet face just beaming with pride.  
He's obviously still working on putting together words 
correctly into complete sentences, but I knew 
what he was trying to say.  
So very sweet...he has such a tender heart.

This is what being a mother is all about...
the joy that comes from being loved and appreciated by your children.

Happy Friday!

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  1. That cheesecake looks so yummy. Love the pic of Taylor looking like she got caught in the act! Can't believe the kiddos go back to school here on Wednesday (some districts already have). Too early!!! We are headed that way in a couple weeks with baby girl.


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