Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Farewell to summer


While I know summer isn't "officially" over until September 21st....for most folks with school-aged children---it is quickly coming to an end.  Noah heads back to school tomorrow and so last week we tried to savor every minute of our final days of the summer break with Little Man.  He had a pretty exciting week...lost two baby teeth and therefore had two visits from the tooth fairy!!  


// Date night with hubby...we saw "The Butler" (it was amazing---I highly recommend seeing it) //  
// Little Man loaded up in the suburban as we headed over to his Meet the Teacher event at school //

// Morning play time in jammies //
// Baby girl a/k/a our little mermaid---getting her nightly bath...she loves the water //

// Baby boy cuddling with me on the couch...such a sweet cuddle buddy //

// Enjoy our outing to Chuck-E-Cheese...the kids had a blast//

// Girlfriend is probably going to chew me out some day for posting these pics...
but gosh--they are just too darn cute...I couldn't resist!...
she has discovered my closet and likes to reorganize my drawers //

While I'm looking forward to getting back into a more structured routine with the kids--there are some things I will definitely miss....

// Getting to sleep in a little later each morning (7:30AM vs. 6:00AM) and relax with the kids without having to rush out the door early in the morning to get Noah to school on time.  
// Watching the little ones giggle and laugh in the mornings while we all lounge in our PJs-- Noah loves to chase and entertain the babies with all his silly antics.
// Our daily, whimsical outings together to the park, Chick-Fil-A, the library, the pool, etc. and not having to worry about having to be somewhere.
// Being able to leave town and travel whenever we want--once school starts---we no longer have that luxury since little man has strict school attendance policies to adhere to.
// Going RV camping --we LOVE it--but unfortunately- it's too hard to take off and go RVing to the Hill Country during the school year.  
// Lounging in the evenings as a family in the pool and not having to worry about getting homework done or getting Noah to bed early.

But with all that said, we are really looking forward to the Fall--(it's my favorite time of the year!)... Noah's already looking at magazines and discussing Halloween costumes with me.  He's intently thinking about who he'd like to dress up as this year and who the babies will dress up as, too. :-) He is also super excited about starting first grade and seeing all of his friends again. Selfishly, I'm looking forward to having some more one-on-one time once again with the babies during the day while Little Man is away at school.  It's been challenging this summer trying to entertain a 6-year old each day and keep him busy-- and all the while keep a 9-month old and 18-month old entertained as well---their interests and schedules often times are in conflict with one other. 

And so as we say good-bye to our summer and start school tomorrow--I have been looking back over all the photo memories we created together this summer.  

We'll always look back at the summer of 2013 and cherish....

1.  Taylor's Adoption finalization in Ft. Worth/// temple sealing /// baby blessing with our family
2.  Our East Coast getaway to Maine/// Boston /// Virginia 
3.  Getting to spend time in our hometown at KiKi and Pop's house hanging out with family
4.  RV Camping trip for the 4th of July in Boerne /// parades /// fireworks
5.  Endless hours of swimming and playing in the pool together
6.  Lazy mornings at the house hanging out in our jammies watching movies and playing together
7.  Trips to TCBY for yogurt and treats
8.  Blowing bubbles in the front yard in the evenings and catching snails
9.  Reading books together curled up in the recliner
10. Going fishing at Pop and Janet's house by the lake
11. Flying on an airplane and getting to see the cockpit and meet the pilots
12. Drinking hot chocolate, eating popcorn and watching every Disney movie ever made :-)

And well, I could on and on but I think I'll let the photos illustrate our fun summer together---here are just a few of our favorite photos from the Mask Family's summer of 2013...

summer collage1 summer collage2 summer collage4 summer collage5 summer collage6 summer collage7 summer collage8 summer collage9 summer collage10 summer collage12

What are you going to miss most about summer?



  1. These are some of the cutest family pics I have ever seen!!!

    1. Thanks, was so much fun looking back through all these pics while putting this post together. Great memories!


  2. Taylor's chubby legs are too cute not to show off!! Reminds me of Ava...we always said "baby got back"!

  3. 2 toothfairy visits in one week? What a great week! I really want to see The looks incredible.

    I'm so glad you captured these pictures of her! I just want to squeeze those sweet legs!!

    I feel like I am going to spend the next little bit stalking your blog! I need to read more :-)

  4. Your photos are so good! And I LOVE those pictures of Taylor...she might kill you, but those legs are the cutest things ever!


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