Sunday, July 28, 2013

A temple sealing

This past May, following our finalization of Taylor's adoption on the 10th, we were able to
go as a family to the Dallas LDS Temple the very next day, the 11th and be sealed to our baby girl--
a ceremony (or ordinance) in the Mormon faith that is very special and sacred.

You can read more about temple sealings here.

What a special day this was for our family---my parents, three brothers and their families
and Taylor's birthmom and her birth-grandparents all came to show their support and love.

It meant so much to Jody and I to have our loved ones there to share in this
special occasion.  We had waited so long to be able to take our beautiful little girl to the
temple and be sealed to her. 

 It was a very touching and beautiful ceremony.  Our hearts were overflowing with deep love
and gratitude--we could feel the Lord's love for our family and Taylor's birthmother.

What a blessing little Taylor is--truly a prayer answered in so many ways....
Jody and I feel so honored and blessed to be her parents. 
And Noah is super excited to have her as is baby sister.

We'll always cherish May, 11, 2013....our special temple sealing day with our precious daughter.
May you always know baby girl how much you are loved.  
You are a special and beloved daughter of God and have brought so much 
light, joy and laughter to your family. 

A special thank you to Tara Vaughn for all these beautiful photos...
we are so proud of them and will forever cherish them.


{Out of love and respect for Taylor's birthmother and her parents--
and with the hopes of maintaining confidentiality regarding Taylor's adoption---
the photos we took of them on this special day with Taylor are not included
in this blog post.  We love them so much and are truly grateful they joined
us at the temple and took part in Taylor's sealing day.}


  1. So happy for all of you! She is just beautiful and truly a blessing from God. What a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you sweet friend! We feel so blessed and are so grateful. :-)


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