Monday, July 29, 2013

Taylor's blessing

Sunday, May 12th, the day after we took Taylor to the temple to be sealed, which also just so happened to be Mother's Day, we gathered together as a family again to have her blessed at church.

Yet another special and sacred ordinance in our faith.  The purpose of the baby blessing is to give a baby an official name and to provide an opportunity for her father to give her a blessing for the their spiritual and physical welfare.  Jody gave her the sweetest blessing and along with him, my brothers, Pops (her grandad) and her biological grandad all stood in the circle with Jody and helped hold her during the blessing.

My heart swelled with so much love as I watched my brothers, my dad and my dear husband stand around our precious daughter and give her such a sweet and tender blessing.  Taylor's birthmom and her parents were able to be there for her blessing.  It meant so much to us for them to be there and share this special day with us.

Taylor did really well while Daddy gave her the blessing ---other than at one point my brother told me she was having way too much fiddling and grabbing her grandaddy's nose during the blessing. :-)  She's such a hoot!

Jody and I were so thankful and appreciated that my extended family all traveled to be there for Taylor's blessing.  We were sad Jody's parents couldn't be there and then Aunt Jill and my nephew Marcus didn't get to make it because poor Marcus was really ill that weekend.  But they were all there in spirit.

Afterwards we snapped a few quick photos before we all had to say our good-byes and head home.

Such a special Mother's Day -- this time last year I would have never guessed that we would now have a daughter and be blessing her on such a special day. 

As I was looking back over all of these photos from our special weekend of finalizing Taylor's adoption, the next day taking her to the temple and then the third day blessing her on Mother's Day---I really felt a sense that life seems to have come full-circle in so many
ways for us with our journey to grow our family through adoption. 

I am so thankful to my Father in Heaven--so very thankful--for not giving up on me when I became discouraged on so many days with my infertility.  For my dear husband--for supporting me and not giving up--my dream to be a mother was sometimes all-consuming and I know that was difficult for him--it required a great deal of patience, courage and love on his part to make this journey down the road of adoption with me.  

And now---to be standing where we are today--as a family of four (we're still praying and hoping that we can adopt our foster son, fondly referred to as baby boy on this blog)---I can see more clearly how all along the Lord's hand has been in our lives....and it's truly humbling. I have no doubt as I sit here today that the Lord led both Taylor and Noah's birthmothers to us--He brought our families together in His own way and His own timing.  

These beautiful and loving mothers--- both having great faith and a deep love for their children---chose to set aside their own desires---and make a decision that they felt was best for their son and daughter and place these precious spirits in our care--it took so much strength and faith to do this.  I know because I witnessed and felt their heartache as they placed their precious babies into my arms.   Without question the most humbling and sacred moments of my life. 

I will forever be grateful that I was able to witness in person the deep love both of these women have for their children.  A tender reminder as an adoptive mother to never take one minute for granted that I have with my son and daughter.  And a lesson of how when God closes one door in our lives---if we keep the faith---and continue to pray for His will to be done--He will inevitably open more compensating doors in our lives and prayers will be answered in ways that we never imagined. 



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