Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Out and About in Boerne

Some friends of ours from church told us about Boerne (pronounced "Bernie") about a year ago...they knew we enjoyed driving up to the Hill Country for family getaways and suggested we visit this cute Texas town.  We have visited a few times since then and have fallen in love with it.  We like it a little better than Wimberley (one of our other favorite Hill Country towns) because Boerne is larger and has more to offer as far as dining, shopping and family activities.  It's only about 15 minutes from San Antonio which is nice because you can still get the small town, country-like feel---however, in a matter of minutes--you can drive into the city.  If you're interested, you can learn more about Boerne here.

All week we've been camping here in Boerne in our RV (actually since the 4th of July)--we decided to come up for one last little family summer getaway before Noah has to be back in school.

On the drive up from McAllen---we told Noah what we were going to be doing on this trip---he didn't know when we were packing up that it was going to be an RV/camping trip.  He has been begging and asking for a while now if we could get another RV and start camping again....something we did quite a bit before the babies joined our family.

He was super excited (as you can see below) when Daddy explained to him on the drive up that we were going to Boerne to camp in our new RV....Daddy had already picked up the RV on one of his previous trips to San Antonio last month and had it all set up in Boerne ready to go at the RV park there.

 The timing was perfect to take the kids camping this week--Daddy had to take a CLE course
up this way anyway---so we've kind of combined his work with our family trip.  

And let me just say---it has been one of our best camping trips ever!

Noah and baby boy are enjoying their time together....
Taylor is in heaven---we can tell she loves being outdoors...she just smiles
constantly when we are hanging outside and the breeze is blowing through her hair.

Daddy and Noah have been going swimming every day at the pool...
and we've enjoyed some much needed R&R time together as a family in our RV.

The babies are doing great on this trip---I was a little nervous that it would be super stressful having Taylor and baby boy in the RV--as you can imagine---not as much room for them to roam aorundlike we have at home---but man I tell ya---they have so enjoyed themselves.  Lots of giggles and belly laughs have been happening on this trip.  The RV is nice because the kids have their separate bunk area--so baby boy and Noah will eat popcorn and sit back there together and watch movies.  Taylor is pulling and scooting all over the RV---she is so close to crawling.  Jody and I have so enjoyed watching the kids have fun with each other.  Noah makes the babes laugh so hard sometimes with all his silly antics. It's pretty comical to watch.

The other day we loaded the kids up and went into town for the afternoon---we had fun sightseeing around the downtown area.  We ate lunch and did a little are some pics from our time out and about in this cute town...

The kids were worn slap out after walking around--so we loaded everyone up
and headed back over to our RV to get everyone bathed and ready for bed.

On the way back to the RV--we passed this beautiful windmill--
a perfect ending to our fun day out and about in Boerne....


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