Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our last minute trip to Virginia

So in my previous post, I mentioned how while we were in Maine, the hubby and I 
decided at the last minute to tweak our travel plans and head to Virginia for 2 days
before heading back to Texas. 

We've been wanting to make it back to the Lexington/Buena Vista area for some time...
our little family lived there back in 2007 thru 2009 and in fact, we still own a home there.
It's hard to believe that it's been almost 4 years since we left---time flies by so fast.
We've been hoping for some time we could back up this way 
and check on our house --but as you all is so hectic--
it's been challenging to find the time to make the trip.

We flew into Richmond on a Thursday afternoon after leaving Maine and then 
made the 2-hour drive from there to Lexington.  
We were a little bummed that the weather was so crummy--
it rained the entire first day we were there---but it was still really nice
being back in the area again.  

While there---the hubby had lunch with a dear friend of his and while they were visiting
Taylor and I headed to the Montessori School where I was employed as the Director
when we lived there.  It's such a neat little school nestled on the 
Washington & Lee University grounds.  

The current Director was so kind and accommodating during my visit---
she showed me around the school and afterwards, we had a chance to chat
about all the changes that have occurred since I worked there.

It was really nice to see the school doing so well and in such good hands...

We drove all around both Buena Vista and Lexington downtown areas...
everything is pretty much the same as we left it. 

Lexington is such a charming town...

Above is the main building at Southern Virginia University---this is where
my hubby worked while we lived in Virginia.
He took a sabbatical from the legal field those two years and worked as the 
Dean of Admissions at the university---he really enjoyed his time there.

It was nice getting to check in on our Virginia house, too while we were in Buena Vista--
our sweet friends who are leasing it are doing an amazing job of taking care it.
The place looked really was pouring down rain when we visited it,
so I didn't get any photos of the house.

We really enjoyed driving around out in the country and looking around---
everything was so green and lush while we were there.
Virginia truly is a beautiful state.

Baby girl was having so much fun getting mommy and daddy all to herself. :-)

We had a fabulous lunch our second day there at the Livery Inn
and then enjoyed walking around the Lexington downtown area.

Sadly...our 2-day visit went by way too fast--
Saturday came and it was time to head back to Richmond International
and catch our plane back to Texas.

We sure enjoyed our quick, last minute visit to Virginia...
we're hopeful we can make it back up that way again sooner than later. 

While it was hard to say good-bye to our relaxing getaway on the East Coast---
 we were sure looking forward to seeing Noah and baby boy again--
it had been over a week since we'd seen our boys and we were ready
to have our family reunited.


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