Friday, July 19, 2013


Our week in photos and the stories  behind them....

life rearranged
Taylor gets so excited when Lola, our kitty-cat, hops on the bed while I am feeding her a bottle.
She wants to pet her so bad--but Lola is still not too sure about that---she still prefers to keep a comfortable distance from baby girl. :-)

Sweet baby boy...he had his 18-month check up this week and was such a sweetheart while we 
were there.  He (like his big brother) is such a charmer with all the nurses up there.
I so enjoyed waiting with him in the lobby before seeing the doctor---he smothered me
with all kinds of hugs and kisses.  Love him so much...

These two...they're either the best of friends or entangled in frustration and anger over a toy. 
But it was cute while baby boy was eating breakfast this week--
Noah pulled out his pirate telescope and was entertaining baby boy by talking like a pirate.
I was especially proud of Noah the other night...he invited baby boy into his bedroom
and pulled out all sorts of trucks and toys and let him play with him.
This was a big step for him...he has struggled off and on with learning how 
to share his toy with his little brother.
They had a ball playing and giggling together.  
It really warmed my heart to listen and watch them play together.
I keep praying that all will work out and we will be able to adopt baby boy.  

Baby boy loves to give his little sister hugs and kisses...
I snapped this photo the other night just after he had his bath and I was about to bathe Taylor.
She always gets the biggest smile on her face when he does this.

Taylor has officially entered a whole new realm of exploration and discovery now that she is
army crawling around the house...oh boy!  It stresses her mama out---I can't take my eyes off
of her for one minute!!  I'm so afraid she's going to find some stray little thing and put it in her
mouth or something will fall on her.  I forgot how tiring this stage is when they become
mobile at such a young age.  Oy!!
Her newest fun thing this week is to pull all the books in the bookcase off the shelf.

Taylor likes to come into Noah's room when he and baby boy are playing.  She seems to get
a kick out of watching them play with their trucks and toys...

Hot mama wearing her new hot pants this week!!  She is such a cutie-pie--oh my goodness!
And I still can't believe how much hair she has at just 8 months!!  I can thank her beautiful
birthmama for that---she, too, has the most beautiful hair.

I am already having to blow dry it at night after her bath and before I put her to bed.  She loves
when mama blow-dries her hair--- I have so much fun brushing and styling her hair.
We're getting really close to being able to do pig-tails!! :-)

We have a fetish for orange slices around here...Noah and baby boy enjoyed sharing
this pack together this week.

I his former life this kid was a fish!!
He loves getting in the pool....every.  single.  day.
He's had fun this week wearing the new fins that his Daddy bought him.

My summer reads....really enjoying them.

Noah comes home everyday from his summer camp with a new craft -- he likes it
when I hang them on our refrigerator...he always gets a big smile when he walks
in and sees his artwork displayed.

Taylor got a few new dresses last week and she was so precious in this one on Sunday at church...
it's so much fun dressing sweet baby girl---she liked this dress but the bow (as usual) after a while
ended up in her mouth with her chewing on it. Oy! 

I don't know if girlfriend is going to be a bow wear'in kind of girl. The jury is still out on that one...until then--I am going to keep trying---for now I usually only put one in her hair for church on Sunday.

Noah enjoying one of his evening baths...he always finds a way to make us laugh while he's
playing in the tub.  This night he was busily making bubbles that he could blow at me and the

Taylor is now showing interest in looking at the pictures in some of her baby books...
she seems to especially like the ones that have pictures of animals.
I hope she develops a love of reading and letting mommy read to her---
this is something that Noah and I enjoy doing every night together--reading books.

Well, folks...that's our week in pictures/Instagrams.

Hope everyone has a happy weekend!


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  1. They are all so precious. Praying all works out for baby boy. Who by the way looks like he has got some long legs!


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