Tuesday, July 16, 2013

8 months

Dear Taylor Elizabeth,

Sweet baby turned 8 months old last week.  We were RV'ing in Boerne at the time and it was so much fun getting to celebrate this with you while we were there.  In honor of your 8th month---we all went to eat burgers at Cheesy Jane's and then had some of their amazing malts and milkshakes.  Okay--so you're still too young to enjoy a burger and a milkshake---but it was a great excuse for mommy to break her diet and splurge a little on one of their mint chocolate chip milkshakes!  I look forward to the day when you are a bit older and you and I can go to Cheesy Jane's and share a  milkshake together.  

Your sweet brothers (and of course) mommy and daddy are SO IN LOVE with you baby girl!  Every single day that we get to spend with you is truly a special treat.  Daddy and I were talking the other night how you are exactly the daughter we had hoped and prayed for.  Heavenly Father (we think) hand picked you to to be our daughter.  I feel this with ever fiber of my heart.  From the minute that I walk in your room each morning and pretty much for the rest of the day--you are almost always smiling and grinning throughout the day.  Always a happy, content baby girl who seems to savor life.  

This past month we have really begun to get a glimpse into your little personality.You're so spunky and active at 8 months.  Just this past week you went from rolling around to get where you wanted to go to now doing the "army crawl" on your tummy pushing with all your might from one place to the next with your arms and legs.  You are SO CLOSE to crawling!! I know that it will be any day now.  But boy I tell ya---we can't take our eyes off of you for one minute now that you are moving around so much.  The other day you were in the den playing with one of your little stuffed animals and I walked into the kitchen to get some water and when I came back you had already pulled yourself into my bedroom and were playing in a pile of laundry....that fast!!

You enjoy watching your brothers play and run around the house.  You especially like it when Noah does his silly faces for you---your belly laugh is hilarious---the rest of us watching start to laugh just as hard watching your precious reaction.  It's the best sound ever to hear you belly laugh really hard!  

I recently took you to the doctor and you weighed almost 18 pounds and were 26 inches long...getting to be a big girl.  I've been working with you on holding your own bottle but you girlfriend have zero desire to do that.  Such a little stinker!! But that's okay---mommy so enjoys getting to cuddle with you still and feed you your bottles.  It's one of my favorite parts of my day.  

You have two of your bottom teeth that have come in now and they are so cute!  Also--you are enjoying eating solid foods now--and thank goodness you are NOT a picky eater.  You're older brother Noah was and it was a nightmare trying to get him to eat solid foods!  Your favorites seem to be sweet potatoes, squash, ham w/gravy, peaches and green peas.  You have the cutest baby rolls on your legs right now---oh my goodness---mommy and daddy love to tickle and kiss them.  You always giggle so hard when we do that.  :-)

We love you sweetheart--- so very much!  I could never put it fully into words how much joy you bring us every. single. day.  I honestly look forward to waking up each morning and walking into your bedroom to pick you up.  As soon as I pick you up---you begin grinning from ear to ear and start kicking your legs in excitement---this always warms my heart and kicks off my day in the best way.  

May you always know how much we adore and love you baby girl---and how truly thankful I am to be  your mommy!!

Love forever,


P.S. Here are some cute pictures of you from this past month....

And here's a funny video below of you eating dinner the other night--
you had already eaten your peaches and I was trying to open the can 
of meat to finish feeding you and oh-man--
you were a hot mess because Mommy was taking too long 
to get the meat ready....

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  1. She is so precious. Has the biggest smile and her eyes just light up!!


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