Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sailing at Boothbay Harbor

On our second day in Ogunquit, Maine--we enjoyed getting to sleep in that morning.  I haven't slept that peaceful in I don't know when- -oh my goodness---it felt like heaven.  Even baby girl---we were shocked---she slept almost 10 hours.  She was obviously just as worn out from all the previous day's traveling and sightseeing as we were.  

The weather felt so amazing our first morning there---it was in the low 60's---a nice change from our sweltering South Texas summer temperatures. 

We took our time getting ready that morning....Taylor really enjoyed lounging on our comfy bed.  
She was babbling and giggling away.

My in-laws and their friends, Tommy and Marian (who we were staying with while there) had planned for us to drive over to Boothbay Harbor and go sailing.  I was happy that they had already pretty much planned out the next few days of activities for us---it was a welcomed relief to not have to worry about planning or scheduling our days while there.   

My days back home as a mom (when not on vacation) are as you can imagine filled with chauffeuring Noah to and fro all of his activities, doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning and juggling the demands of a very active 6-year old--- 7 month old and an 18 month old.  My body was so looking forward to this break for a few days from my normal routine---I was desperately in need of a few "stress-free" days with my hubby and Taylor.  It also helped knowing that Noah was in good hands with my parents (having a ball playing with his cousins) and baby boy was being taken care of by another sweet foster family. 

Before leaving for Boothbay, Jody had a few calls to make to the office and while he was doing that---Taylor and I enjoyed relaxing in our peaceful room and sitting on the back patio-- taking in the beautiful view of the bay.

After everyone was ready--we drove on over to Boothbay.  It was about an hour and 45 minute drive
from where we were staying in Ogunquit.  

Boothbay is a small town---just over 2,000 residents--and when you pull into town---you get a sense that it has a special charm about it. 

A relaxing, coastal town that is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city--
we enjoyed walking around the harbor and peeking in all the little shops.
There were all sorts of beautiful yachts and sailboats in the harbor.
It is the perfect time of year to be out on the water.

Prior to boarding the sailboat, we had about 30 minutes to walk around before our scheduled
time to go out sailing-- I decided to try out the local ice cream shop.

I'm a huge ice cream of my weaknesses!

There were all sorts of tasty flavors to choose from -- but I couldn't stray from my favorite flavor---

Birthday Cake--with sprinkles, of course.  

It was really yummy.

After the ice cream, it was time to head over to the harbor and get ready for our
little sailing adventure.

This is the lovely sailboat that we chartered for the next two hours...
and....I won't lie--I was a little apprehensive about taking Taylor sailing. 

Jody and I talked it over that morning and I told him that if I got a bad feeling 
when we got there--
I was going to bail and Taylor and I would just grab a bite to eat at one of the 
restaurants and do some shopping while they all went sailing.  

But my uneasy heart was put to ease after we checked out the boat and talked to the Captain
 for a bit--I felt a bit more at ease with us going along. 
But without question, baby girl was going to be strapped to me the entire time in the Baby Bjorn. 
And well, I was all ready to put my old lifeguard skills to use from my high school days...
 if I needed to...ha...ha. :-)

And after a few minutes of getting some directions (and advice on what to expect while on the water) from the Captain...we were off on our first sailing adventure in beautiful Boothbay.

My sweet in-laws...Jesse and Janet

Their dear friends---Marian and Tommy 
(my father-in-law and Tommy grew up together in our hometown of Gilmer) 

Tommy and Marian have been coming to Maine for many years to vacation in the summers...
we so enjoyed getting to known them better on this trip.  And it was really nice 
to vacation with another couple who knew the area well and what towns and places
we should visit while there.

The homes are all so beautiful along the water...

Our cool captain...we enjoyed visiting with him during the sail--
he's a really interesting guy.

In his previous life---he worked in the music industry in Nashville, TN--but has now
retired and runs his own sailboat business in beautiful Maine. 

Taylor was so precious....she LOVED feeling the breeze in her hair and didn't get fussy unless I was blocking her view. :-)

After a while---baby girl got hungry and I was afraid she was getting too much sun--
so we headed down below deck for a bottle and to cool off.

I passed my camera off to my hubby and he continued to take pictures for me
while I fed baby girl...

it was a perfect day to go sailing in Maine---
the weather and views were absolutely gorgeous!

After getting a beautiful and relaxing tour of the harbor via the sailboat-
we made it safely back to land and headed back to the car to
drive over and get some lobster rolls for an early dinner.

We were all starving and ready to sit down for a bite to eat...

Pops gave me a break and carried Taylor back to the car for me--
these two bonded on our trip--
it was cute to watch the two of them together.

He loves her so much...

When we buckled her back in her carseat---she was giggling and
I snapped this picture.  It cracked us up because it was as if she was saying,

"Whew-wee...I can't believe it---I survived my first sailboat ride!!"

We ate dinner at the Lobster Dock....great little restaurant right on the bay.
Jody and his Dad were so looking forward to trying some of their famous Maine lobster. 

While we waited for our food to arrive, we enjoyed the beautiful view from the back
of the restaurant.  I could have sat there forever and taken in that view and the cool temperatures...
so beautiful and relaxing.

The food was great and I enjoyed trying my first ever Maine lobster roll --- it was really tasty.  I'm not a huge lobster fan--but I sure enjoyed that lobster roll.

After dinner, we headed back to the house to hit the hay and get some rest.  On our drive home, Jody and I were laughing and talking about how cute Taylor was riding on the sailboat--oh my goodness--she is the best baby. I hope she enjoys looking back at these pictures someday when she's older and telling her friends that she went on her first sailboat ride at 7 months old! 

We had a great time on our sailing adventure in Boothbay Harbor---I highly recommend it if you are vacationing in Maine---you won't be disappointed.  It is truly relaxing and good for the soul.

More details and fun pictures of our time in Maine to come...



  1. What a beautiful town. I have a cousin who lives in Maine. We must go visit sometime soon. Taylor is a riot!

  2. Wow that looks simply stunning....I would love to visit Maine sometime! Love you to check out my blog xx


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