Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day weekend

We had a really nice weekend celebrating our sweet and awesome Daddy
for Father's Day weekend.  

We started it off by going out to dinner on Friday night as a family--
we tried a new place that we've never eaten at...we figured Noah
would really enjoy it since they cook your meal right in front of you.

He LOVED the indoor koi pond they had and when the guy cooking our meal
made the really high flames while entertaining us with his cooking.
Noah kept asking him to make another fire---oh boy!
Baby boy started running fever earlier that day, so he wasn't feeling
so good--but despite that--he seemed to really enjoy the food as well.

On Saturday morning, we all slept in...well, except for Daddy.
He rose early (at 6:30) to go and meet the priest quroum from church and
 helped out on a service project they were doing.  
He does so much for so many people at church---I'm grateful for
the wonderful servant he is and for the huge heart he has.

Noah slept in until 10AM...he was really tired.
He's loving his new summer schedule by getting to stay up later
and not having to get up so early in the mornings.

After Daddy got home from the service project, we enjoyed some fun and sun in the pool...

Poor baby boy ran a fever most of the weekend---the only plus with that is that it 
guarantees mommy and daddy lots of cuddle time with him. :-)
He's such a sweetie-pie.

And this hot mama...she is such a hoot!  She loves life I tell ya.  She is the happiest
baby I think I've ever been around.  Always smiling and wants to be right
in the middle of everything going on around here. 

Man we love her so much...

She especially likes it when we let her roam free around the house in just her diaper.
And that hair---oh my goodness---
she looks like a real life cabbage patch doll.
I'm so glad she was blessed with such pretty, thick hair.

We had a special Father's Day luncheon after church for all the Dads...
it was really nice--great food and we enjoyed getting to visit with our friends from church.

Here's Daddy entertaining all the little Primary children during singing time on Sunday...
he serves as the Bishop of our church congregation--
so the chorister sometimes likes to get him in there for some
fun activity with the kids.

Do you notice his funny looking short tie---
On this day...the chorister had him wear an old tie and every time the kids sang
a primary song really well and loud--she would pick one of them
to come up and "snip-snip" his tie.

They were giggling so hard about him getting his tie cut off---it was a really effective
motivational activity to get the children more involved with singing time.

Now Noah---he wasn't so sure about the other kids cutting his Daddy's tie.
He had this very serious and look of concern on his face.

After church, and when Daddy was able to come home after some of his church appointments,
the kids and I were so excited to give him his Father's Day gifts and cards.

We are so blessed to have Jody in our lives...I am humbled to be married to such 
a loving, caring and Godly man. He loves on us so much and I'm always touched by 
how anxiously concerned he is about our well-being.  

We love you Daddy so very much...

We spent the rest of our Sunday afternoon just lounging and hanging out
as a family.  Usually Jody is tied up with church stuff until 8 or 9 at night on 
Sundays---so this was really nice to have Daddy home on a Sunday afternoon.

By about 6:00 on Sunday though...the adrenaline of Father's day weekend had worn
off for me.  I crashed and was so tired.  I asked Jody about that time...
is it bedtime yet for these kids?? Argh...

As soon as  I was able to get all the kids in bed---
I completely crashed.  I was so tired...but a good tired.

I was reminded this weekend as we did fun things for Daddy how important it is that we show our husbands and fathers how much they mean to us. They need to feel our love...they need to hear us tell them that we believe in them, that we're proud of them and more importantly, that we love them.

I don't know about you, but as a wife and mother---I sometimes catch myself ---while in the trenches of motherhood--forgetting to be anxiously concerned about my husband's well being. I am sometimes so focused on Noah and the babies---that I forget that Daddy is feeling just as much stress and weight of the world as I am---actually more with all that he has going on with his legal practice and being a Bishop.

This weekend was a tender reminder for me to look for more opportunities to express to my sweet hubby my appreciation for all that he does for us. He works so very hard and carries such a heavy  burden as he faces the world each day to provide for our family. 

It made my heart happy (and the kids, too) to be able to pamper Daddy this weekend and remind him how special he is to us.  

How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun for Father's Day?


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