Friday, June 21, 2013

East Coast getaway...{Part 1}

The first week of June we took an early summer vacation and spent time on the East Coast.  Baby boy (our foster son) could not make the trip with us because we couldn't get court approval to take him so far.  So sadly, he had to stay behind with another foster family in town.  And Noah---well, we figured the whole sight-seeing was not going to be that much fun for a 6-year old---so he was excited to get to spend the week staying with my parents, KiKi and Pops in Gilmer--and swim and play with all of his cousins.  

In the end, it worked out for us to make this trip with it just being Jody, me and Taylor.  We were meeting my in-laws, Janet and Pop, in Maine for the first few days ---so we were looking forward to spending time with them and then from there--we headed to Virginia for a few days.  We were super excited about this was our first time to visit Maine.

We flew into Boston Logan International on a Saturday afternoon...our flight left at 5:30AM, so it was a REALLY early morning for all three of us.  It took us all morning and early afternoon of flying to get to Boston from Texas.  My in-laws and some friends of theirs had already arrived a few days before us--so they were kind enough to pick us up at the airport so we wouldn't have to rent a car.  

We were all starving, so we drove into Boston to have a late lunch.  We were craving some authentic Italian pizza and Regina Pizzeria came highly recommended. It took us a while to find parking---and given the fact we were driving a large suburban--it was a little difficult trying to find somewhere to park that puppy.  But we finally found a place and then made our way over to Regina Pizzeria which was just a few blocks over from where we parked.

It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Boston---perfect for a stroll in the city. 

When we arrived at Regina's---we were seated soon after.
It was hard to pick just one thing from the menu....
they had so many tasty looking pizza and pasta dishes.

I ended up going with the Margherita Chicken pizza and Jody ordered a Basil Pesto pizza...
mine was good, but Jody's was better.   

We got a kick out of listening to the other patrons talk with their Boston accents 
while we were there...

I'm sure they thought our thick Texas accents were pretty funny, too. 

After grabbing a bite to eat, on our way to Ogunquit, ME  (where we were going to be staying for the first leg of our trip)---we drove into Lexington, Mass. to take a look around this historic town.  Our first stop was the Buckman Tavern (circa 1710)--we took a guided tour of this tavern.  It was so interesting to hear our tour guide tell stories of the history of this building.  I was thinking as we were walking around---if only these walls could talk--what interesting stories they could tell.

After the tour---we looked around the little gift shop for a bit.

Baby girl was as quiet and content as could be through the entire guided tour---
such a great traveling companion! :-)

{Jody with Pop and Janet}

After spending some time in Lexington, Mass.--we hopped back in the car and drove to Ogunquit to get settled in-- I was so excited to see the town and the house where we'd be staying the next 4 days.

 This is the charming home we stayed at while in was so nice.

 This is the neighbor's house next door---such a beauty, too.

 Everything was really green and lush while we were there---so beautiful.

Loved the front door and porch...

Here are some interior pictures...

It was a tri-level home--my in-laws and their friends stayed on the third floor and 
we stayed in the lower level--which worked out perfectly since we had baby girl with us.  

We had our own private den area to hang out and from this room you
could step out onto the back patio and look at the beautiful bay--
it was also a perfect area for Taylor to be able to nap during the day.

Taylor enjoyed lounging on our comfy bed...

 My in-laws stayed one of the upstairs bedrooms

 The main level was where the kitchen and den area were---it was so nice--there are windows all
along both sides of the home--so we had beautiful views wherever we sat in the house. 

 Another view from the back patio...

It was really peaceful sitting out here in the evenings and watching the tide go out...

In the far upper left of this photo above...if you look at the flag pole extending from that deck---
that is a restaurant in town--and that flagpole is the designated spot where 
George and Barbara Bush sit when they dine there.  

They have a home just down the road in Kennebunk-
we were told they enjoy driving over to this local restaurant to eat seafood.  
They were in town while we were there---so that was pretty neat. 

We enjoyed hanging out on the back patio in the evenings 
and watching the sailboats come and dock for the night...

Pop really enjoyed getting to spend some quality time with Taylor while we
were there...

Watching the sun set our first evening there in Maine was stunning...

The three of us hung out for a bit in our little den area before going to bed.
Daddy enjoyed lots of snuggling and cuddle time with his baby girl.

I love taking photographs of the two of them together...

We were all pretty pooped after a long day of flying and then sight-seeing...
it was off to bed for some much needed R&R not long after
I took these photos.

I have lots more pics to share from our East Coast getaway...

Until then...


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  1. Taylor is getting so big. What a pretty and content baby she seems to be. How fun to get away to the East Coast. I might be going to Boston soon myself. xoxo


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