Friday, June 28, 2013

Antiquing in Maine

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On our fourth day in Maine---we woke up to another cool and beautiful day...
it was in the low 60's---amazing weather for the summer...

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With the weather being so darn amazing, we decided it was a perfect day to head out and check out a few of the local antique shops.  

There's something always magical about antiquing on the East Coast--(in my opinion)---you guaranteed to find so many more interesting and beautiful historic pieces. When Jody and I lived in Virginia---it was one of our favorite things to do on Saturdays---hit the antique stores and see what cool piece we could find. As you can imagine, since this part of the country is so rich with history--you're able to find more authentic and older pieces of furniture and home decor items than in other parts of the U.S. 

Antiquing in Maine felt very similar to when we'd go in Virginia---it has some great antique stores--and surprisingly--things were fairly reasonable and priced to sell.  Once we started looking around--Jody and I both were a little sick that we didn't have our truck and trailer. If we had---we would have definitely come back to Texas with some new purchases in tow. :-)

Here is just an assortment of different photos I took while we were out and about antiquing...

 photo null-10.jpg  photo null-8.jpg  photo null-9.jpg  photo null-11.jpg  photo null-13.jpg  photo null-14.jpg  photo null-15.jpg  photo null-16.jpg  photo null-17.jpg  photo null-18.jpg  photo null-19.jpg  photo null-20.jpg  photo null-21.jpg  photo null-22.jpg  photo null-23.jpg  photo null-24.jpg  photo null-26.jpg  photo null-27.jpg  photo null-28.jpg  photo null-29.jpg  photo null-30.jpg  photo null-31.jpg  photo null-32.jpg  photo null-34.jpg  photo null-36.jpg  photo null-38.jpg  photo null-37.jpg  photo null-41.jpg  photo null-42.jpg  photo null-43.jpg  photo null-44.jpg  photo null-40.jpg  photo null-45.jpg  photo null-47.jpg  photo null-49.jpg  photo null-50.jpg  photo null-51.jpg  photo null-53.jpg  photo null-54.jpg  photo null-57.jpg  photo null-59.jpg  photo null-60.jpg  photo null-46.jpg

 We had a fun day of antiquing and little Taylor---man, she was amazing--
she loved every minute of it-- I think we may have her hooked
already on antiquing!



  1. What a great way to spend the day. Maine obviously has some wonderful shops.

    1. Yes--these little towns we visited had the cutest shops. We had so much fun...I saw SO MANY neat things I wish I could have brought back to Texas with me. :-)

  2. Oh that sweet baby! Getting so big...and I think you might have a shopper on your hands. That looks like such a cute town..I would love to visit Maine one day.

    1. Thanks, Sarah--she's growing like a weed! You guys should visit Maine some time--a beautiful state all around.

  3. All of the pictures from your trip have been so beautiful--breathtaking! What beautiful country!

    1. Thanks, is beautiful--reminded me a lot of where you and I lived in Virginia.


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