Friday, May 3, 2013

When KiKi and Pops came to town

 photo PicMonkeyCollage034.jpg
My parents came down for a visit recently...we were all so excited to have them come and stay.
 Noah was super excited to get to hang out with his KiKi and Pops.

Here are some of our fun photos from our time together during their visit...

 photo PicMonkeyCollage009.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage004.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage001.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage005.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage065.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage068.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage075.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage078.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage085.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage088.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage334.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage333.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollage335.jpg

We had a wonderful time getting to hang out with KiKi and Pops.
My dad had to fly back early to get back to his office, but mom
was able to stay for several days with us. I so enjoyed getting to hang out
with her and the kids had a blast getting quality time with KiKi.

Our children are truly blessed to have such loving grandparents.
And, I'm one lucky girl to have such amazing parents.

We love you KiKi and Pops and look forward to seeing you at our next visit!




  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed the visit!!

    1. We really did...just wish it could have been longer!


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