Friday, May 24, 2013

This + That Friday...

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Sweet baby girl...she was so relaxed and at peace while we sat in the backyard watching
Noah swim in the pool this week.  She LOVES being outdoors.  That makes me happy.

I don't know about you, but this week for us seemed to fly by.  I'm so glad because
we're counting down the days until Noah is out of school next week.  He's so ready
to for his summer break.  And, elfishly I'm looking forward to all of us getting to sleep
in a little later for a few months. :-)
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Noah enjoying some time in the I snapped this picture, he leaned back in the float 
and said, "Awww....this is the life." He's such a crack up, I swear! 
   photo photo289.jpg

Daddy joining in on some of the fun in the pool.  They had a blast playing with their water guns.

   photo photo258.jpg
We were driving around with the kids and I had to run in and return something
at Best Buy.  The hubby and the kids waited in the car while I ran in the store.
When I walked back out....this is what I found.  Baby girl was enjoying herself sitting up front.

 photo photo82.jpg
Dinner time and trying to feed both the babies is sometimes a three-ring circus...
baby boy likes to roam the kitchen opening cabinets and drawers while I'm cooking.
He pulls out all the pots and pans and starts banging away on the floor. 
My nerves are usually shot after 10 minutes of we put them away....I get him
some other toys and bring them in the kitchen and get back to making dinner.

 photo photo77.jpg

And baby girl...oh-my---she is such a hoot in the highchair!!  
While I'm warming up her food...she loves to go town and bang toys on the tray.
It's hilarious how aggressive she gets wacking away at the tray...cracks me up.

 photo photo7878.jpg

Since it already feels like summer down our way here in South Texas---so stink'in hot!!
Baby girl likes to lounge in her walker "bare skin" while I'm doing laundry or cleaning.  

 photo photo8779.jpg
My Erin Condren planner...I'd literally be lost without it.  
It keeps me organized.  
It keeps me sane. :-)

Lola seems to like it, too.  I found her napping on it earlier this week.

 photo photo885.jpg
I surprised little man at school this week and had lunch with him.
He was super excited to see me waiting for him in the cafeteria when his class walked in.
We haven't done this in a while...
I was really glad that I did this.  It was good to see him interact with his friends.
He's quite the popular little dude with his classmates...not a shocker there--he's the most
social kid I know. :-)  Just like his Daddy. 

 photo photo7463.jpg  photo photo897-1.jpg
I enjoyed reading these new magazines this week...
Lots of really cool decorating and cooking ideas.

 photo photo87.jpg
Baby girl has felt a little under the weather this week--
lots of drooling...
red/hot cheeks...
runny/snotty nose...
and a mild fever.

And so something told me I better peek into her mouth and what did I find....
two itsy-bitsy baby teeth!!

No wonder poor girl has felt so crummy this week--she's teething.
Hopefully now that those two bottom teeth have popped through--maybe she'll
get some relief for a while.

 photo photo38.jpg

The three of us at the grocery store this morning...'s such a work-out trying to navigate the aisles with my massive
double-stroller and a grocery cart. I usually try to do my shopping on the weekends
when the hubby is home and can watch the kids.  

Unfortunately, today was Noah's turn to provide snacks for his kindergarten class 
and since the hubby is out of town...we  had to do this grocery run together.  
I was pooped afterwards----but what the hey---just one of the many joys of motherhood...right?  :-)

 photo photo445.jpg

Little man pulled out his cool telescope this week and had fun sitting in the front yard looking at the clouds and the stars.
We always have good conversations when we take time to sit and hang out
together while he's using his telescope.

The babies were asleep, so I enjoyed getting some one-on-one time with him.
I love this age...he is so curious about everything!

   photo photo39.jpg
The two of us last night...
When I stand in front of a mirror and take her picture--
she inevitably starts giggling so hard.

So stinkin'in cute...gosh, I love her so much--it hurts!
I love all three of my babies so much---it hurts!
So thankful to be their mama.

That about does it for our week in Instagrams...
Hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend...
we're looking forward to having some down time and relaxing with the kids.

Happy Friday, friends...


P.S. I'm linking up and connecting with more Insta friends over here--if you'd like to check it out.

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