Monday, May 6, 2013

Our little chef

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Noah had an assignment for school recently---for his upcoming Science Fair his class had been studying nutrition and he was to plan and prepare a balanced healthy meal for his family.  I thought this would be a fun project for him because he always loves to help me out in the kitchen when I'm cooking.  In preparation for this assignment, we reviewed this guide and discussed at length what a healthy meal should include and why it's important to eat nutritious foods. It was pretty funny how seriously he took it...he pointed out how I am 40 now and better cut down on my Dr. Peppers and eating chocolate. (Ouch!!)  I agreed with him that it would definitely help mommy feel better and be healthier if I eliminated those two things from my diet.  :-)

So after doing some research about healthy eating, we then started planning what he wanted to make for us.  We kept it really simple.  He made a grocery list of the specific protein, vegetable, grain, fruit and dairy he wanted for the meal and we went shopping for those items at the grocery store.

He chose the following for his menu:

Green Beans
Apple slices
Wheat Bread

As you can probably imagine, our little fella was super excited to make this meal all on his own---he's Mr. Independent these days, so I pretty much let him have free rein in the kitchen.  I supervised closely while he was near the stove of course, and then had fun taking pictures of him hard at work.  It was cute, he wanted to season everything just like mommy does--so while he was cooking his green beans and chicken---he asked for the same ingredients I always use to make them.

Unfortunately, Daddy was out of town on a business trip the night Noah made his meal, so he missed out on his tasty meal...but he so enjoyed looking at all the pictures when he returned home.

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Taylor and baby boy were close by through the process....lending their moral support, of course. :-)
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Our little chef sure made such a tasty meal...I was really proud of him.  While we were eating at the table,  I could tell by the big grin on his face that he was feeling pretty darn proud of himself, too.  

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Afterwards, he put on a little concert for us with his Daddy's electric guitar... he's such an entertainer!

Later that evening, he and I worked to put together a display board with his research and pics from his meal.  The next day he took his project to school and had fun presenting it to his kindergarten class.

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  1. So sweet. My hubby learned to cook at an early age and still loves to be in the kitchen.


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