Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our 3-day holiday weekend

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It was really nice to have a 3-day weekend. I always love when the hubby has time off from work and can relax with us at the house. We did as much relaxing as we could this past weekend for our Memorial Day holiday.

The kids had fun on Saturday morning lounging in their pjs,  watching cartoons on Netflix and playing
with each other.
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We drove to Harlingen to go to Bass Pro Shops...they were having some fun activities for kids
and we wanted to look at some of their pontoon boats.  We're considering buying one so we can use it when we go camping in the Hill Country and ultimately move up that way.

Noah found him some new "toys" while we were there...
He climbed on this one below and yelled out to me, "Hey Mom...I've got $70---I can buy this, right?!!!"


 photo ff46aae6-51bd-462a-be39-0492f83fe8f7.jpg

He and Daddy were really digg'in this toy...they were dreaming and talking of future adventures they
want to have when we move to the country someday (hopefully sooner than later).

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Little man wanted about one (or two) of everything in the candy store.

Sitting in the back of the suburban while we waited in the parking lot....feeding the babies.
Baby boy loves to grab my earrings. 

 photo a061e0c2-43d9-42dc-a8ae-013d8a4f08b6.jpg  photo 19d72882-1e30-4f27-a438-6b8f6e6792ff.jpg
These two have really started to grow on each other...I'm so proud of little man and how he is getting so much better with sharing his toys with baby boy and just overall being a good big brother.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE getting to spend time with my honey and the makes me so happy!
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Of course, we had our fair share of meltdowns and tug-o-wars over the weekend...but that is to be expected with three little ones in tow.  :-)  The boys were lovin' on each other one minute and then the next...hitting and tugging on one another and then, screaming for us to intervene.

Baby girl...well, she likes to watch her brothers interact...but after a while---she really gets tired of the yelling and having to sit in a carseat when we're driving around.  I can't say I blame her.  I remember being the only girl with three can wear you out sometimes. :-)

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Noah put the crown he bought me a while back on Taylor and said, 
"Mommy look!!  She's a beautiful princess!"

He loves his baby sister so's cute to watch him dote on her. 

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Jody and I hung drapes in all the kid's bedrooms...which took a while.  Whew!!
And afterwards, when we came out into the den to check on the boys...
this is what we found. They had built a fort and inside---
poured out an entire container of goldfish and smashed them into the rug.  UGH!!

They had to clean it all up afterwards....on their own.
Little Man had fun working the vacuum cleaner.
And baby boy followed him all over the den while he cleaned.
These two---they're thick as thieves these thankful for that.
It's taken a lot of work and patience to get to this point.  They've really grown on each other
and what happiness this brings me to see.

Let's see....I was SUPER excited to find this amazing, gorgeous pearl white metal crib below for baby girl this weekend on Craigslist.  Holy Moly...we SCORED on this---we got such a deal. These things are normally really pricey and we got the bed and a second set of really nice crib bedding all for $100. I was jumping up and down when we brought it into the house.  I had been trying to find one of these for the longest....and wasn't having any luck.  They were always too expensive.  We picked it up from the folks we bought it from on Monday afternoon and then set it up later that night.

Taylor seems to really be digging her new bed.  The bedding in this photo, I found a while back at Pottery Barn--it looks really pretty in the crib and compliments the colors in the room.

 photo c18938a2-f2a8-4ecc-b0d0-0f370f715c99.jpg  photo bdd09c47-a957-45d8-8cae-3eb18b607945.jpg

The quilt inside the crib is really special...Taylor's birthmother and grandmother made this for her. Her grandmother also made that little doll she is holding, as well. They gave her the doll before we left the hospital just after she was born and then they presented her the quilt the weekend we finalized her adoption and were sealed to her at the Dallas temple.  I think the quilt looks really beautiful with the new crib.  

I hope Taylor will always love and cherish this special quilt (and doll) that her grandmother made for her.

 photo af803d50-4f68-4c2e-a081-52368debc6cd.jpg

And lastly...we had a blast playing and swimming in our pool over the weekend.
It's really going to come in handy this summer.
 photo 210fe317-39a9-4854-99bd-ad6f172a8c55.jpg Such a lovely Memorial Day weekend--we took time to talk with little man about why we honor and celebrate this weekend. Jody has a lot of buddies that he was in the corp of cadets with at Texas A&M who have served in the military and/or are currently serving now. 

This holiday always holds a very special place in his heart because of that. We are truly thankful for all the men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedoms.  What a blessing their service is to each of us.  It was nice to be able to honor and remember them this weekend as a family. 


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