Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nemo and Fred

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"A boy's story is the best that is ever told." 
- Charles Dickens

I love sharing so many of little man's stories and adventures here on my blog.
He is such a crack-up and entertains us on a regular basis.
One adventure as of late is that he is now the proud papa to two little fish.

A few weeks ago, he and Daddy went to Wal-Mart and Noah used his
tooth fairy money he'd been saving to buy his fish, a tank and food.
He was so proud when he walked in the door and showed me his two new friends.

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They worked together to set up the tank and get their new home
all prepped and ready to go.

Baby boy had fun watching the two of them work on the tank ---
he was so
enamored with the fish.

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When we asked him what he wanted to name them...
he thought about it for a minute and then decided on Nemo and Fred.

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It's really sweet....every night before he climbs into bed -- he'll run into the kitchen and
check on Nemo and Fred.

So far all is going well--the tank cleaning is the only part that we're not enjoying, and well...I won't lie--- the hubby and I are a little worried that Lola (the cat) might get a little jealous and decide to "nibble" on them during the night.  :-(  Hopefully not though.  She doesn't seem very interested in them at the moment, so that's a good sign. 

For now...we'll see how this little adventure with his new pals Nemo and Fred goes and if he stays interested in them and takes care of them.

One quick funny story though...the other night I was cooking Tilapia for dinner and little man came into the kitchen and said, "Mom...what's that smell?!"  I responded, "It's fish...mommy's making it for dinner."  

Oh my goodness---you should have seen the look of complete horror on his face!  He then yelled out, "Mom!!! You're cooking MY FISH??!!!"

I got him calmed him down and showed him Nemo and Fred safely swimming in the tank...and then explained that I was just cooking  the Tilapia that I bought at the grocery store.  He was super relieved--but I did notice at dinner....he barely touched his fish.  

Always an adventure with little man.


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