Sunday, May 19, 2013

Instafriday (on Sunday)

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Hi there...

I'm a little late, but oh well---here are some of our fun Instagrams from this past week...

We had a busy one....

9AM--- Saturday morning...the hubby and I snapped this picture above at our hotel room
in Dallas before heading off to the Dallas temple to be sealed to Taylor.
Such a special day for our family! :-)
I've been having so much fun this week playing around with my new app, A Beautiful Mess...
it's so much fun---you can add all sorts of doodles, text and cute filters to your iphone pics.
That's how I made this one above.

 photo photo133-1.jpg girl and I up bright and early Monday morning getting
ready to head to the airport to catch our flight.

 photo photo12.jpg

Our ride back home to the valley pulling in...I was sad to say goodbye to all of our family
 after a fun weekend, but it was going to feel good to sleep in our own bed again.  We were
all pretty pooped after the weekend of festivities with Taylor's adoption and sealing.
Plus, traveling with small children is pretty stressful!

   photo photo3322.jpg

Homework...homework...homework....back to the grind for little man once we returned home.
Looking forward to summer....We're all burned out on the homework...
it's C-R-A-Z-Y how much work they give these days to little kindergartners.  
Ugh!!  Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.  

 photo photo22111.jpg

 photo photo20202.jpg her so much.
Especially love taking pictures of her.

 photo photo002.jpg

As the saying goes...."When the cat's away...the mice will play!"---so true around here...
Baby boy loves getting into Noah's toys while he's at school...
if Noah saw him playing with this truck---
he'd probably have a coronary!

 photo photo10101.jpg

Taylor loves to play and walk around her fun activity center during the day...
she's getting really fast, too with her walking while in the seat.
I think this girl will be walking on her own sooner that later. :-)

 photo photo0011.jpg
Morning drive while running errands...we had beautiful, sunny weather this week.
Love all the palm trees on this road...

 photo photo20233.jpg
The babies always holler and squeal with excitement when Daddy walks 
in the door from work...
they love to sit in his lap while I'm making dinner.
Daddy is Mr. Popular around here....we sure love him.

 photo photo2002.jpg

We celebrated my 41st birthday on the 16th (Argh!!) and Daddy and the kids surprised me
with these beautiful flowers and balloons.  

 photo photo2100.jpg

 photo photo8321.jpg

The babies and Daddy took me out to lunch for my birthday
to one of my favorite places in town...City Cafe.  
I'm ~IN LOVE~ with their Chicken Caesar Salad and hummus.
So yummy....

 photo photo3122.jpg

Daddy working his magic with baby boy getting him to eat his food...
he's pretty talented at getting the kids to eat food they wouldn't 
normally eat. 

 photo photo2255.jpg

Love being his foster mama so much....
so thankful to have him in my life.
Keeping our fingers crossed and a prayer
in our hearts that we can adopt him someday soon.

 photo photo6542.jpg
 photo photo1122-1.jpg

I opted for TCBY white chocolate mousse instead of birthday cake...
so yummy and less calories (well, kind of!)....

 photo photo33220.jpg
The hubby and I went shopping at our favorite home decor shop in town...Vida.
We bought a new bookcase, an old world bench for our entryway...and,
that door in the upper left-hand corner of this photo collage.

 photo photo004433.jpg

I love my boys, but for a baby girl is SOOOOO much more fun!!

 photo photo2020-1.jpg
Baby boy trying to eat a snack while we were running errands...
he wasn't happy about me trying to take his picture.
He was in the zone eating his graham cracker-teddy bears
and didn't want to be disturbed. :-)

 photo photo439-1.jpg

Fresh from her afternoon nap---she always has the biggest, sweetest smile
on her face when I walk in the room to get her after her nap.
It always warms my heart to see her sweet expression.

 photo photo9933.jpg

Trying out her new walker....
Daddy and Noah put it together this week and
she is having a ball scooting around the house in it.

 photo photoinsta111.jpg

Sitting in the carpool line one afternoon at Noah's school...
this song came on...haven't heard it in a while.
Forgot how much I love it...
Reminded me of my college days and going two-stepp'in with my friends.
Such fun times!

 photo photo33888.jpg

He's such a little charmer....

 photo photo2233.jpg

Jody and I had a fun date Friday night....we ate dinner at Kumori.  We love their yum!
Afterwards, we grabbed some TCBY yogurt before heading to the movies and seeing IronMan3...
it was such a great flick---very entertaining.

We cherish our date nice to just get some time just to ourselves---
to reconnect and recharge our batteries.  

Well folks...that's about it...our week of Instagrams.

I'm linking up here with Jeannett at Life Rearranged for Instafriday...

life rearranged

Happy Sunday...


  1. What a busy week, but all good! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. Daddy is Mr. Popular around here, too! :) Happy (late) birthday, and congratulations again on the wonderful events of late in your family. What immense blessings! Thank you also for your recent thoughts on patience, focusing on blessings, and trusting the Lord. I've been on a royal roller coaster with that for the last year and a half!! But thank you for sharing your testimony, experience, and strength.

    I just have to say that I have this soft spot in my heart for baby boy--I just wanna squeeze him every time I see him on your blog. I think he reminds me of my littlest one--too dang cute and precious! Hoping that things work out for him to permanently join your family, too.


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