Friday, May 31, 2013

Hello Summer!

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Noah's last day of school was yesterday.  He is officially a 1st grader now....woo-hoo!!
He is super excited about his summer break.
The first order of business after getting out of school was taking a dip in the pool.
The water is now a perfect and enjoyable temperature.

And I swear, little man---he would live in the water if we let him. He loves to swim....loves it!

I can already tell we're really going to enjoy having a pool this summer...
it makes the summer heat so much more enjoyable and bearable.

And such a great way for us to have fun as a family.
Looking forward to spending lots of time out here together these next two months.

We're leaving for Maine excited about this little vacation.  We've never been to this state before---so we're looking forward to it and the cooler temperatures---it will be nice to escape some of this South Texas heat for a while.  We'll be staying in this town.  Jody's parents are going, too---so it will be nice to spend some time with them and do some sight-seeing.

Noah is going to spend the week with his grandparents and playing with all of his cousins.  He's really excited about getting to spend some time at KiKi and Pop's house.  Unfortunately, baby boy will not get to travel with us.  His CPS supervisor (at the last minute) wouldn't approve us taking him with us.  I've been so mad-frustrated about that--ugh!!---we were really hoping he could go with us. There is so much red-tape with foster care---it can be really frustrating and discouraging at times.  Anyway.... he has to stay behind in what is called "respite care" with another foster family.  :-(   We dropped him off last night and it broke my heart having to leave him with people he doesn't know--thankfully the foster mom who is caring for him seems really nice.  She has two other children staying placed in her home at this time---so a tleast he'll have some other kids close to his age to play with.

And well my friends---with that...I'm going to end this now so I can finish my packing and then we're off to the airport early this morning.  I look forward to sharing photos and stories from our time in Maine.

Until then...


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