Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An afternoon at the Museum

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Noah asked if we could take him to our local museum. It's one of his favorite places to hang out. 
And, I must say....I feel so bad, it's been way 
too long since we've taken him.  Now that we have our two little ones, it's a bit more challenging to take Noah without someone else there to help me. So it was nice that Jody was in town and could go with us. 
Little man was one happy little dude when we told him where we were going once we got in the car. 

This museum is such a neat place....they have all sorts of exhibits and activities for both the young and old.
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Noah loves the water shed and water journey area. It's usually the first area we go to when we get there.
The kids love being able to simulate the flow of water with all the gadgets and balls.
He and baby boy had a blast playing together.  I so love watching the two of them
laugh, giggle and play together.

And Taylor....sweet baby girl...she was all smiles watching the boys run and play.
It will be even more fun when she's big enough to run around with them.

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Another great area at the museum that Noah enjoys is their cool playground...we usually end our visit there and let little man run around and play.
 He had a great time hanging out there with some other kids while we fed the babies.  photo PicMonkeyCollagev3.jpg  photo PicMonkeyCollagev7.jpg

Such a fun afternoon at the IMAS.  

We look forward to visiting the museum more this summer...Noah is going to attend a few of their summer camps.  He's super excited. 


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  1. What a great place, and a fun family outing!


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