Monday, April 15, 2013

The weekend and our Instagrammies

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We had a relaxing weekend...Jody had to be in Miami all last week for work, so as you can imagine, it was a stressful week for me running this ship all by myself. We were all so happy to pick him up at the airport on Friday evening. He came bearing gifts, so Noah was all excited. After he gave the kids their gifts and mama's hers, we were all pooped out, so we headed to bed. 

Saturday morning, I had a much needed 90-minute massage. Jody watched the kids so I could go. Man it felt wonderful---I didn't realize how stressed my body was...the massage therapist said I had all sorts of knots in my back. When I explained that my hubby had been out of town all week and I had three kids--I think she understand why. :-) 

We spent the rest of Saturday just hanging out together...we all took a nap and then we took the kids to the park later that evening and had a little picnic. The weather felt amazing. This time of the year in the valley feels great---we get our coastal breeze in the evenings and it cools everything down.

On Sunday, we all went to church and then when the hubby was able to come home around 3:30 we ate an early dinner and had our family home evening lesson on the importance of temples.  We talked with Noah about the special temple trip that is coming up in May with little Taylor.  He had lots of questions about our sealing ceremony and so we pulled out the pictures from the day we took him to the temple and shared with him how special that day was.  We talked about his sweet birthmother and how important she is to us and him.  He asked about Taylor's birthmother (he remembered meeting her in the hospital) and we talked about how grateful we are that his birthmother and Taylor's birthmother helped Heavenly Father get he and Taylor to us.  And how special it will be when we can all four go to the temple together.  He said that he's excited to go again and he hopes he gets to see Jesus while he's there.  So sweet....

And well...that's our weekend in a nutshell.  It's nice to have the hubby back home this week--he had to fly out to San Antonio early this morning to take a deposition, but thankfully, he'll be back late tonight and won't be traveling any more this week.  We're looking forward to my parent's (KiKi and Pops) coming down to visit later this week.  Noah can't wait to show them his new room and the pool.  Jody and I can't wait to take them to a few of our favorite valley restaurants.  

A fun weekend to look forward to with grandparents coming to town!

Lastly, I've been lagging behind on posting our Instagram pics here on my blog, so here are a few of my favorites as of late...
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  1. So sweet. Yellow, and brights, are obviously Taylor's colors! Adorable.

    1. Thank you! Yes...I must say, she is blessed to look good in really any color! :-)

  2. Such sweet pictures! How cool that you have such open conversations with your children about their birthmothers and adoption. What great parents you are!


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