Thursday, April 18, 2013're my princess

 photo afterlight.jpeg

I have this pretty crown you see above perched on my nightstand and
every time I look at it, I can't help but feel so loved.  Let me explain...

 Noah is always thinking of little gifts he can give me ---whether it be when he and his
Daddy are out running errands or choosing something for me when he gets to go
to the treasure chest at school. Jody tells me that before they leave a store,
he tells his Daddy that he wants to find something for his mama

Oh my heart just swells with love when I think about him
scouring the aisles at Lowe's, Target or even the grocery store searching for
something special for dear old me. :-)
His tender little heart is such a sweet trait---he loves to make other people happy.

At school, when he earns enough green bears for his good behavior and he gets to go to
the treasure chest...he'll come home all excited and present me with a pretty shiny ring
or bracelet that he hand picked for his mama from the treasure chest.

Of course, his sweet little gifts usually make me shed a tear or two...
it definitely feels good to be loved and appreciated by your children.

Here recently, I've been showered with a few new little gifts by little man...
I wanted to record those here so we can look back at these years from now.

 photo afterlight9.jpeg

He and Jody had to run to Lowe's the other night to get some things and Jody said
that before they walked up to the counter, Noah said,

"Wait Daddy...I need to get something for my mama."

He picked out the precious wind chime above.
He was so proud of it when he walked in the door, he said,
"I have a surprise for you....close your eyes...."

I squealed in excitement and hugged him---then he, Daddy and I headed out to the backyard
where we found a place to hang it by the pool.  Every time I hear it chime...I lovingly think of him.

 photo pencil.jpg

This precious heart pencil, he picked this out at the treasure chest after his tutoring class....
with the points he earned from his work.
It was cute because the day before when I picked him up from tutoring, he seemed
frustrated so I asked him what was wrong and he said,

"Oh man, I didn't have enough points to get you something."

Totally melted my heart....I just hugged him and said,

"Baby that's okay---you need to use those
points and buy you something."

So the next day when I picked him up, he was excited to hand me this pretty red--heart pencil.

But the other night his sweet gift really tugged at my heart...

I needed to run to Target to grab some baby formula, diapers, wet wipes, etc.
But I was feeling so tired and drained from the had been a challenging few days for me
 taking care of the babies and Noah all by myself while Jody was in Miami, FL  for 5 days for work.

So I was grateful that Noah and Jody offered to run to the store for me so I could relax
for a bit and feed Taylor.  When they returned home, they both walked into the
bedroom and were grinning from ear to ear.

Noah then said as he held his little Target sack,

"Mommy...close your eyes.... {I did as he said}
And then as he pulled out my pretty crown I'm wearing below, he said....

   photo crown.jpg

"For my beautiful princess...{and he lovingly placed the crown on my head}'re my princess."

I am one blessed mama to have you as my son, Noah Riley....
what a special little spirit you are--
I thank Heavenly Father every day for you.
Thank you sweetie for making me feel like a princess. :-)



  1. *** precious! He is going to make a wonderful husband and father someday!

  2. awesome. you have a gem of a son, all due to the hard work you and your hubby give to being good parents.


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