Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family night at the Island

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Jody was able to break away from work a little early recently, so we piled the kids up in the suburban and headed over to South Padre Island. It's about an hour drive, so it's not too bad. We haven't been since the babies joined our family, so it was really nice to spend the evening over there. We ate at our favorite little place...Dirty Al's seafood restaurant and afterwards Noah practiced fishing with his new rod in the bay with his Daddy.   He's actually really good!! We were so impressed with his skills at 6 years old.  The hubby was beaming from ear to ear watching him.  Jody loves to fish...always has--it's something that he and his Dad did together when he was a young boy.

The babies and I enjoyed the amazing weather while we watched the men-folk fish.  I so loved watching Jody and Noah fish together.  I hope that this is something they can do someday on a more regular basis.  
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As we were driving home we decided we need to commit to making more trips like this as a family to the Island. We take living so close to the beach for granted. It's always such a fun way for us to laugh and enjoy ourselves as a family. I'm so glad Jody suggested we make the drive over...more special memories were made that I'll always cherish.  I'm so thankful for this beautiful family I've been blessed with.


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  1. So sweet seeing Noah fishing with his daddy! And yes, sometimes those last minute trips are the best!!


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