Monday, April 1, 2013

Dying Easter Eggs: A Family Tradition


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We began our Easter egg festivities Saturday afternoon. Noah helped me in the kitchen by prepping and boiling the eggs. He always loves to pull his stool out and climb up on the kitchen cabinet and help me. He usually doesn't mind me snapping pictures but for some reason, on this day, he was NOT too happy about me taking pictures of him.  As you can see from the pics!!  
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After we boiled the eggs, we put them in the fridge for a few hours to cool and then later that evening, we began the fun decorating process.  Thankfully, little man was in a much better mood and had no problem with me taking pictures as you can see below.

We brought the babies into the dining area and let them watch us decorate all the eggs.  They were smiling and giggling the whole time.  Of course, Noah was putting on a show for them---so they loved watching their big brother be silly. 

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We had such a fun time together as a family decorating the Easter eggs. It brought back some fun memories from my own childhood when I would decorate eggs with my brothers.  As a mom, it warms my heart to now be able to create these same precious memories with Noah, Taylor and baby boy.

Later that evening, after we got the kids to bed, Jody and I were talking about how different it is this year decorating eggs now that we have baby boy and Taylor in our family.  It's so much more fun having more children in our home...the giggles and laughter they shared with each other were priceless moments I'll forever cherish.  At one point as I was taking pictures, I paused and looked around the dining table at our three kiddos and my dear husband on this Easter Eve--and it was hard to hold back the tears because of the joy that I was feeling in my heart.


I am humbled beyond words as a mother at the sweet blessings that have come our way this past year.  Definitely a tender reminder of how the Lord can (and does) work miracles in our lives if we are but patient in His timing and His will for us.  It's not always easy to wait on the Lord---we struggle in this life sometimes in accepting the fact that sometimes our prayers are not answered in the way we want them to be.  I have learned these past several years through my struggles with living with infertility and trying to grow our family via adoption that it is simply a matter of choice.  If we make a choice to keep an eye on the Savior and the eternal things in our lives, i.e. our families, our faith, our relationship with the Savior, our testimonies, etc.--we almost always are more equipped to handle the harder things in our lives.

When we make a choice to strive each and every day to stay close to the Lord---by studying the scriptures and praying with a humble heart--we can draw on the powers of heaven and feel His influence and love in our lives.  This I do know from personal experience.

Being mindful of the blessings I've received this past year as a mother makes this Easter all the more relevant and meaningful as we take this time to honor and revere the Savior's life and ministry.  How grateful I am for His life and His teachings.  But more importantly for His sacrifice--He alone made it possible for each of us to enjoy peace, joy and happiness in this life and the next with our loved ones and to have the opportunity to return and live with our Father in Heaven again.  What a priceless and humbling gift this is....

“I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live”
--John 11:25


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  1. Looks like everyone got in on the action! How fun. I think this is the first year we did not dye eggs :(


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