Monday, April 8, 2013

An unexpected detour

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I am trying to catch up on all sorts of posts that I've had on my to-do list--so today is one of those catch up posts.  It's the last tidbit from our family spring break getaway. On the last day of our Spring Break in the Texas Hill Country, we were all set to check out of our comfy bed and breakfast cottage at 11am and hit the road to head home.

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We had a 5-hour drive ahead of us.  As luck would have it, around 8am that morning Noah walked into our bedroom and said that his tummy hurt.  About 30 minutes later, he started vomiting.  And he vomited over and over for the next 2 hours.  

At one point while in the midst of being sick he looked up at me with the saddest eyes and said,

"Mommy--if I throw up again, I'm going to throw up the Holy Ghost and then who's going to protect me."

I responded, "Oh baby, you can't throw up the Holy Ghost---it doesn't work that way---he will always be with you to protect and comfort you."

Bless his little heart---this was pretty traumatic for him to be so sick because at 6 years old, surprisingly, it was the first time Noah had ever thrown up. Jody and I were a little stressed all morning about trying to get everything loaded up and all the while trying to figure out how to get our poor sick fella in the car in a comfortable spot.  I sent Jody to the local grocery store there in Wimberley before we left town and had him buy a mop bucket in case little man needed to throw up in the suburban. He finally seemed to be through with the nausea so we set up a pad across the back seat of the suburban for him to lay down and we drove out of town.

About an hour into the drive--he was feeling really miserable, so we decided to just stop and stay at a hotel in Boerne, TX for the night.  I called our pediatrician and told him what was going on and he called in some phenergan (anti-nausea medicine) at the local pharmacy there.  Thank goodness for modern medicine, within an hour of us giving him the phenergan, he was able to sleep for several hours  in peace and by the next morning, he was feeling much better.  Still pretty weak---but no upset stomach.  In fact, the first thing he said when he woke up was, "Dad...let's go down to the pool!"  And so he and Jody headed down to the heated pool for about 30 minutes and let him swim a little.  

After we checked out of our hotel, we decided to spend that morning knocking around this cute town and do some sight-seeing and shopping.  Boerne (pronounced "Bernie") is only a few minutes north of San Antonio---so it's a great place for us to stop in and hang out on our way back to the valley.  It reminded me a bit of Wimberley, however, it's much larger and so much more to do.  Since we had the kiddos with us, I didn't have time to do much shopping, we mainly just drove around and looked at the downtown area and different properties.  I look forward to visiting there again soon and maybe having a chance to check out more of the downtown shops.  They also have a Market Days the second weekend of the month that a few of the locals told us is really nice---so we're going to try and plan our next trip up that way around that.

Here are a few photos from our day there...

       photo BCD36C01-EBDF-4334-A148-5A85A3192750-1988-000002E6C8E5D53A.jpg  photo 4AD4D9B9-BE60-47ED-AF7D-13228570CADA-1988-000002E7FDAA1E14.jpg  photo afterlight7.jpg  photo 7713D655-6EFB-4000-851E-81E7A5A450B0-1988-000002E801D315B0.jpg  photo 39192F27-411A-452F-90DC-66A921105F28-1988-000002E811769DAB.jpg  photo FF28C7C6-4A31-4C4F-9CE6-EEDF91F205FF-1988-000002E84079271D.jpg  photo 131B03A1-386F-4AB7-8F05-668D3D152ECA-1988-000002E8461B2BE3.jpg  photo IMG_6007.jpg  photo IMG_6012.jpg  photo IMG_6015.jpg  photo IMG_6031.jpg  photo afterlight2.jpg  photo afterlight3.jpg  photo afterlight4.jpg  photo IMG_6035.jpg  photo IMG_6047.jpg  photo IMG_6049.jpg  photo IMG_6055.jpg  photo IMG_6056.jpg  photo IMG_6059.jpg  photo IMG_6061.jpg  photo IMG_6062.jpg  photo IMG_6071.jpg

While it was no fun that Noah got so sick, we really did enjoy our little detour along the way to Boerne. It's a neat town that has the feel of a small Texas town and yet has all the conveniences of a big city.  Look forward to visiting 'ole Boerne again someday.  


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