Monday, March 4, 2013

Thoughts on selling a house and moving


"I remember thinking how often we look, but never see ... 
we listen, but never hear ... 
we exist, but never feel

We take our relationships for granted.

 A house is only a place. 
It has no life of its own. 
It needs human voices, activity and laughter to come alive. 

~ ERMA BOMBECK, A Marriage Made In Heaven; or, Too Tired For an Affair

I finally have the kids down for the night and had a few minutes to write, so I thought I'd record some of the feelings that have been stirring in my heart this past week as we've been packing and moving.

As I mentioned in my last post...we are on the move again.
We officially sold our house on Thursday here in Texas and now have the check in hand--
well, it's deposited snuggly in the bank now. ;-)
We're still amazed that this all happened so quickly.


We moved back to Texas from Virginia almost 4 years ago.  And we've essentially lived in this house most of those 4 years ( we leased a home for the first six months before we bought this house).

I'll never forget the first time Jody and I walked in and toured the home with our realtor---it had such a great feel to it--we knew it was the perfect fit for our little family of three at that time-.

We made so many memories in this home with Noah.
I'll always cherish every moment we spent together in it...
the laughter, joy and sometimes sad times that we shared together.

Cooking and baking together in the kitchen....
Watching movies together on Friday nights while eating popcorn.
Playing, laughing and chasing each other in the backyard.
Watching Noah make endless bubbles in the backyard.
Chasing Lola (our kitty-cat) around the backyard when she'd make a run for it out the sliding glass door to the backyard.
Picking oranges and limes from our trees in the backyard.
Hanging out in the playhouse together.
Swinging on the swing set.
Welcoming our foster son and sweet Taylor Elizabeth into our family and home....

And so much more...
Special times all shared in our home in South Texas that will always bring a smile and warm my heart.

I'm happy to report that as of Sunday---we are officially moved into the home we'll be leasing for a while.  We are living around boxes everywhere, but we are slowly but surely getting everything set up.

The kids have been so great during this's been a crazy week for them--their schedules have been all screwed up with us making so many trips back and forth between the houses, but they were such troopers.  So thankful for that.

Here are just a few random pics from our move last week...


Those are my little footies above---I was taking a break from unpacking and the the hubby is busily engaged in setting up his office and coordinating getting our internet set-up.  The icky part of moving...having to transfer all your cable, internet, mail, bills, and update all your accounts with your new mailing address...yada...yada...yada.  

Such a pain in the booty.


Taylor enjoying an afternoon nap in her swing while I was unpacking boxes.
She loves napping here.


Baby boy is walking now so he was into everything while we were trying to pack and unpack.  It was a real challenge trying to keep him out of stuff he wasn't supposed to be into.  He was a little fussy through this process because there was so much "eye candy" always laying around while we were packing and unpacking.

But he was loving all the toys unorganized and spread out everywhere while I unpacked.

Taylor has been enjoying her Bumbo's such a great way to help her strengthen her neck muscles.
She really loves to sit in it while I'm putting on my make-up and doing my hair in the mornings.
She is so precious...she'll just sit there quietly, smile and watch me get ready.


Noah has been such a hard worker and trooper helping us during this move. 
He's enjoyed riding in the front seat with me (a rare event) in the suburban making trips across
town to unload our bazillion boxes.  We had so many great and fun conversations.  He is such a funny kid, oh my goodness. :-)


We had a late night on the day of our closing clearing the last bit of junk out of the house and so we treated ourselves to Five Guys burgers.  We love this place...

Taylor was eyeing Daddy's burger the entire time she drank her bottle...we were cracking up! 



Noah was having fun entertaining us while we waited for our burgers...
he loves to dance and put on a show.  Such a social little dude.



Lola and Noah have settled comfortably in their new bedroom.  I love seeing the two of them asleep together.  They are best buddies.
By the end of each day, we were all so pooped out, as soon as our heads hit the pillow---we were passed out cold.  

So, so glad this move is over--- and we're ever thankful we were able to sell our home so quickly.  Definitely a tender mercy and blessing from Heavenly Father.  And while this new place of ours is only temporary home (most likely just lease it for a year), we look forward to making memories here together--bringing it to life with the laughter and noise of our kids and all the while, we're equally excited about planning where our permanent move will be.  ;-)


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  1. Ah, moving. We've done that lots. Hope you get settled in quickly!


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