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Our Family Spring Break: Part One---A collection of photos


For Spring Break this year, we decided kind of last minute to take a trip to the Austin/San Antonio area and stay in Wimberley at a bed and breakfast. We are a little more hesitant to take road trips these days because it's a lot harder now that we have the babies.  So much work just to get all the baby gear packed up and then the 5- hour drive to Austin can be a little stressful.  But despite all that, we were ready to get out of town and enjoy some time together as a family.

We decided though it would be best to not take baby boy with us on this trip. He stayed in what is called "respite care" with another foster family that we know.  Noah has been needing some quality time with Mommy and Daddy...he has struggled some with baby boy coming to our home.  Since Noah was the only child for so long, he's not used to having to share his toys and Mommy and Daddy.  It's been challenging for him trying to adjust to all the changes, so we thought this trip would be a good opportunity for us to focus on him. He could get more one-on-one time with us. 

Of course, Taylor would be going, too---but the dynamics with Noah and her are very different. He is really happy to finally have a baby sister, he loves having her around and he obviously doesn't feel that she invades "his territory" like baby boy does.  But we keep reminding him that  this will change soon though---once Taylor starts walking and talking---she'll want to be wherever he is, just like baby boy.  :-)  He doesn't see that yet, but he soon will.  All part of the growing pains though we've been working through since the babies joined our family.  A good learning experience for Noah and how to be a good big brother.

Now to our fun family getaway...if you've followed my blog for some time, then you know that we love spending time together as a family in the Austin/San Antonio area.   We were all so excited to get out of town for a few days and enjoy some quality family time together.

The road trip is always a fun part of any family's often where so much of the bonding happens.  I remember as a kid all of our fun family road trips to Dallas to see our grandparents, Mimi and PawPaw and Florida each summer.  That is where some of the funniest memories were made with me and my brothers and our parents...being in the car for hours together--laughing, talking, teasing each other relentlessly, singing songs and playing games.

It's especially fun at this stage of my life as a parent and to be able to create some of those same special memories with my own children...

photo22 photo23

We enjoy stopping along the way and grabbing a bite to eat at Dairy Queen and/or Sonic...

photo26 IMG_5217

Our first night in San Antonio, we took Noah to his favorite place, Gorilla Cafe a/k/a the Rainforest Cafe.  He loved it...

...this was Taylor's first time there--I was afraid all the tigers and gorillas would scare her,
but she wasn't phased at all---such a cutie-pie.

IMG_5222 IMG_5219

After leaving San Antonio, we headed to Wimberley and checked in at our cute bed and breakfast that we had rented for the week.

Daddy and Noah enjoyed tromping around on our 5 acres that we own there....searching for rocks, spiders and doodle bugs.  They also had fun hanging out down at the Blanco river. 

IMG_5224 IMG_5228 IMG_5234 IMG_5232

We ate at some of our favorite BBQ joints while we were in the Hill Country...
one of our favorites is Miss Mae's in Wimberley.

IMG_5233 IMG_5230

After we ate, we sat out on the front porch of this little BBQ joint and visited for a while.  While I was holding Taylor there, I must say it was a bit of an emotional moment for me.  

You see, it was just this last summer that I sat on this very swing at Miss Mae's and got the terrible news while we were eating there with my in-laws that an adoption that we thought was going to happen fell through.  Our third failed adoption. 

I was devastated.  Heartbroken.  I fell to pieces while sitting on this little porch swing last July. 

And yet...what I didn't realize at the time, but now fully understand was that Heavenly Father allowed that particular door to close because he was protecting us and he was about to open another door (a more compensating door) in our lives....a door that would allow an even better blessing to flow into our lives.  

Exactly one month later after receiving the heartbreaking news about our failed adoption, we received an email from Taylor's sweet birthmother--in her email she asked if Jody and I could fly to Dallas and meet her in person.   At that fateful meeting, she told us she wanted to place her baby with our family.  And soon after,  just 3 1/2 months later...sweet little Taylor was born.

And therefore, you see, it was a humbling moment to be back in this same spot where I was last summer --- sitting on this porch in that rickety old swing and being able to now hold our sweet baby girl in my arms.  A tender reminder for my soul that God does hear and answer our prayers--- in His own time.  Sometimes the wait is longer than we hope or expect---but along the way, there are lessons that He is allowing us to learn as we pray for certain blessings to come our way.

photo69 photo48
Noah and Daddy had lots of fun exploring out in the woods...they were so cute together.

Taylor and I enjoyed some relaxing and quiet moments together on the front porch...
being out in the country--escaping the hustle and bustle of the real world---is definitely good for the soul.

Noah found a new buddy while we were staying at the bed and breakfast...."Barley" and Noah became fast friends.  Every morning Noah would wake up and go straight outside to feed him a treat and play fetch with a tennis ball.  

My sweet spot on the front porch where I enjoyed sitting in the mornings, sipping hot chocolate and reading.  

Daddy and Noah enjoying breakfast together at the Wimberley Cafe...

One of our lazy mornings we enjoyed together...not having to set the awesome.

Noah and Taylor had some special moments together--on this particular morning, I was getting Taylor dressed and afterwards, Noah came in and hopped on the bed and asked if he could brush her hair.  It was so sweet to watch---he did it ever so gently. 

photo82 photo89 photo75 photo66
Baby girl enjoyed some great naps while we were there---this sweet smile I captured just after she woke up from one of those.  I so love taking pictures of our sweet girl.

Noah had a blast playing with his water guns...he cracked me up the morning I took these pictures--he insisted on dressing himself before heading outside.  So hilarious....

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled photo49 photo58
Funny story about this lovely animal...we drove past it and Noah got hot mad in the backseat of the car because we wouldn't load her up and take her home with us.


More pictures to come in my next post of our fun family Spring Break getaway.


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  1. Looks like a lovely time! Your family is so beautiful. I love the story of the swing and how it meant something so wonderful a year later. Blessings to you.


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