Wednesday, March 13, 2013

40...he's officially joined the club


The hubby turned 40 earlier this month...woo-hoo!!  This whole age thing is something he and I like to tease each other about----you see, I am 10 months older than him and he loves to tease me about the fact that he's married to an older woman...hah!  So naturally, I enjoy this time of year because for the months of March thru May ---we are the same age.  And well, this birthday is really great because it's nice to now have him officially join me in the "over the hill" club. 

Since this is such a landmark birthday, I wanted to do something really nice for him to celebrate it.  I was a little worried though that I might not be able to pull it off since it fell right slab dab in the middle of us selling our house and having our stressful move to our new place.  But after a little planning and scheming with some friends of ours, I was able to pull together a special surprise dinner for him which turned out really nice. 

On that Friday (the day before his birthday) I ran over to the mall and picked up a birthday cookie cake for him.  Noah specifically requested that he wanted his Daddy to have a cookie cake from him, so I made sure to include that as part of his birthday celebration.  Noah also made his Daddy a special bday card that he wanted to give him with the cake.  So sweet...gosh it melted my heart to watch him ever so carefully write the message on the card and color it.  He loves his Daddy so very much.

So the next morning, the day of his actual birthday, after everyone woke up, the kids and I sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him his cookie cake.  Noah was so proud and excited to give it to him.


The hubby was especially touched when he read Noah's was a very tender moment.


We enjoyed snacking on the cookie cake for breakfast and watching Daddy open his presents. :-)

Later that evening, I had our babysitter all lined out to come over and keep the kids while we went out.  Ms. Ann Marie (who Noah loves) was going to watch Noah and baby boy while Taylor and I took Daddy out on the town for a special dinner.

Now the hubby just thought this was going to be the three of us....what he didn't know is that I had invited three couples (some of our dearest friends from church) to join us for dinner---I had asked them to meet us at 7pm at one of our favorite local steak houses's this swanky, cool restaurant-- perfect for an intimate dinner with friends.  I had it all planned out where the hubby and I were going to arrive a little later (around 7:15) so everyone could already be seated.  I ordered trays of appetizers in advance so our guests could snack on the yummy food while they waited for us.

Unfortunately, our babysitter arrived 15 minutes late, so I was a little stressed out about that.  I tried to play it as cool as I could with Jody as we started driving over to the restaurant.  It was funny, he kept saying, "Jennifer, there's no way we'll make those reservations....why don't we just go somewhere else--it's no big deal."  And I just kept saying, "Nah...they'll hold them for us...let's just drive a little faster.  Okay....a little faster and we'll make it!!" :-)  What I wanted to tell him was, "Gosh darn it...we HAVE  to make this reservation....we have people waiting for us!!"  I was really relieved that I had thought to order the appetizers for our guests...I would have felt so bad if they had been sitting there waiting all that time for us.  


Thankfully, the traffic wasn't bad so we were able to make it there in good timing. When we walked in and the hostess starting leading us over to the table, I could tell he didn't quite know what to think when he saw everyone, but then he got this huge grin on his face and he realized they were there for him.

IMG_5156 Untitled Untitled IMG_5159 Untitled

 We really had a fun evening celebrating the hubby's birthday and hanging out with everyone. I was so happy that they were able to join us.  Taylor was so precious in her little party dress. All the ladies had fun holding and loving on her.


I was thinking as we were sitting there at his special dinner how thankful I am to be married to my best friend and to be able to celebrate his special birthday by his side.  What an amazing husband, father, son, brother, friend he is to us all.

I'm always amazed at how he works so hard to balance his busy career as an attorney, coupled with his time consuming calling at church as the Bishop of our congregation and yet, still makes it a priority to spend time with us and try his best to be a good and loving father and husband.  I know he is carrying a lot of stress at this time in his has been a tiring past 3 years for him...most days he feels pulled in a million different directions by all the people that rely on him.  What a blessing he is to so many....I am truly blessed and inspired by his constant example of love and service to me and the kids and everyone around us. 


...and little Taylor, man...this girl knows how to party!  She stayed awake through the entire celebration. We didn't leave until after 10pm and she was still wide awake...smiling and cooing for everyone.  Such a cutie...her Daddy sure was happy that she was able to be there to help him celebrate his 40th birthday!



  1. What a wonderful celebration. Happy Birthday to Jody!!

  2. You put on quite a surprise party for him! You're such a sweet wife. What a blast. I'm 7 and a half months older than Kelly, so I can relate to the teasing.


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