Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pretty in Pink


Being the mom to a precious baby girl definitely has its perks....

For the past 6 years and being the mom to just one rambunctious little boy,
 I've only had the need to shop in the boy's aisle at stores.
Now don't get me wrong...I enjoy shopping for cute outfits for Noah (and baby boy)...
but I am usually relegated to pick from a very small section of boys clothes
amongst the wide sea of pink girl clothes that usually encroach on that section.

But oh my goodness..that has all changed now with sweet Taylor in our lives.
Clothes shopping has been taken to  a whole new level of fun.
My heart goes "pitter-patter" every time I walk into Target or Macy's and see the girl's section....
and yes, admittedly, I rarely leave without buying her something new and cute.

The hubby usually just laughs and smiles when I walk in the door with
 something new for her... he used to always joke that if we ever got a little girl--
he'd feel it in his pocketbook. ;-)  Sorry honey...

I thought she looked especially cute the other day in this pink outfit...
so I snapped away with my i-Phone camera...

photo233 photo11 photo554 photo344 photo

Love you so much baby girl... I know I'm partial, but you sure look pretty in pink!
You are a dream come true and I'm enjoying every, single minute we have together....


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