Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our weekend with family in East Texas

road trip 1

Last weekend, we traveled to Dallas to visit with Taylor's birthmom and then drove on to our hometown in East Texas to spend time with our extended family.   This was the first time Taylor's birthmom has been able to see her since her birth, so it was a really special and anticipated visit.  We had hoped to get together with her when we were in town for Christmas, but we all came down with the flu and weren't able to meet up.  

She and her mother both came over and met us Friday at my brother's home while we were in Dallas.  We had a wonderful visit.  It was really special getting to watch Taylor get loved on by her biological mom and grandmother.  So much love was felt in the room and my heart was so full of love for them.  Little Taylor is loved by so many and I know this will be a great blessing and comfort to her for years to come.

After our visit Friday night, we woke up early Saturday and drove 2 hours to our hometown to spend the day with our family.  We were celebrating all the February dad, brothers Brian and Brent, sister-in-law, Sheri and the hubby (technically his isn't until March 2nd, but we clump him in there, too). 


Here are some random pics from our weekend that I took via Instagram....

Baby boy does NOT travel well...ugh.  Bless his heart--he really despises the car seat so it can make road trips pretty brutal for us all.  He finally cried himself to sleep about halfway there.  Baby girl slept the whole way.  Noah rode into town with his cousins---so we were minus him on the drive there.   The  hubby and I enjoyed getting to visit during our drive after the kids fell asleep and enjoyed the pretty views of East Texas.  It made me miss living closer to home. :-(

Along the way, the hubby stopped and bought some honey from a local guy outside of Terrell. He and the gentleman selling the honey spent a few minutes chit-chatting after his purchase...the hubby loves meeting random new people and it always cracks me up because after meeting them within 5 minutes they are the best of friends. That's my hubby....he has a special way with people and never meets a stranger.  A gift I'm afraid that I do not possess...I tend to be the shy one and like to keep to myself. ;-)

road trip 2

Once we pulled in at my parent's place around 2pm, all my brothers and their families were there waiting.  We had planned to do family pictures with my parents and all the kids and grandkids. So we quickly got all the kiddos dressed in their church clothes and headed back outside for the family pictures.  The kiddos were not happy about having to wear their church clothes...and as you can imagine, there was all sorts of drama!  But we were able to pull it off...thank goodness.  My sister-in-law, Katherine, brought all her camera gear and she took our pictures.

I'll share more of those pics in a later post...
they turned out so beautiful.

And after the family pics....we all headed out to eat at La Finca--one of our favorite Mexican Food joints in our hometown.

road trip 4

The boys were all so handsome in their suits and ties...

My grandmother, Nanny, on the right below...this was her first time to meet baby Taylor.  She was so excited to get to hold and love on her.  It was really special seeing my grandmother hold her newest great-granddaughter.

My mom, a/k/a, KiKi, enjoyed getting some cuddle time in with Taylor...when we were home
visiting at Christmas she came down with the flu and couldn't hold Taylor, so she
was so excited to be able to hold her this visit.

road trip 5 road trip 3

After our dinner at La Finca,  we headed back to my parents for some birthday singing and cake time.
The cake was massive...we were cracking up.  Mom did a great job picking it was really tasty.

road trip 6

It was a whirlwind weekend---we had to fly back home the next day.  Despite our visit having to be so short, we had a wonderful weekend with our family and loved ones.  On the way back to the airport, we popped in and said hello to Pop and Janet, the hubby's parents.  They were so happy to get to see the grandkids.  After a quick visit there, we raced back to Dallas to hop on the plane and head home.

Whew...we were so exhausted when we walked in the door late Sunday night.  It's really draining and challenging traveling with three small children.  But the jet lag was worth it...we made special memories with our loved ones this weekend that we'll forever cherish.  And Noah had a blast getting to play with his cousins.  He's already looking forward to our next visit to his grandparents.

I look forward to sharing more of all our family pics in later posts...

On another little blog I think is feeling neglected...we are in the midst of moving to a new house, so life is super crazy right now.  We put our house on the market less than a month ago --wanted to move into a different neighborhood closer to the school Noah is attending and since adding the babies--we have outgrown our house.  Surprisingly, we got an offer on our house only after being on the market a little over a week (hallelujah!!)...even better---it was a cash offer to close in two weeks! ....Gulp!  We are thrilled that it sold so quickly, however, we were not prepared to have to move so quickly.  Yikes!!

Thankfully, we found a great home (with a pool--yay!) in a lovely neighborhood close to Noah's school that we've leased for the next year until we decide where we'll either buy or build.   We are so thankful that we were able to sell our house here in Texas so quickly and find such a great home to live in while we are in transition.

Another blessing by us being able to sell so quickly--- is that for the past 4 years we have been feeling the weight of carrying two mortgages...our home here in Texas and we still own our home in Virginia.  Now that we've sold our home here in  Texas, we only have the one mortgage to worry about for the time being.  Such a blessing.  It frees us up to be able to buy and/or build where we want.  I've definitely felt Heavenly Father's hand in all of this these past few weeks -- we feel like he is leading us somewhere---just not sure where yet. :-)

So as you can imagine with the "fast-track" sale of our home and having to move so quickly...we have been knee-deep in boxes all over the house, packing and then unpacking till the wee hours of the night, and trying to clean-- all the while chasing three small children around.  Whew!!...there's been a whole lot of stress around here these past few days. The hubby and I fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow every night. :-)  I promise though that as soon as we're settled in the new place, I'll be back to blogging on a more regular basis....

Until then....



  1. Wowzers, you are busy! But so glad the home selling went fast-I LOVE when that happens. And I also can't get over little Taylor's hair-only months away from pigtails. (We have a long way to go here for pigtails! :)
    Loved catching up on your blog Jennifer-you are such a great mom, and always so grateful-it's so refreshing.

  2. Wow! Crazy about your move! What a blessing (mixed, of course!) that your TX home sold so fast and it sounds like your new home for now will be wonderful. I'll miss all of the lovely pictures of this home and yard, though--you've truly been living in a lovely space!!!

    Best of luck with your VA house, too. We also have not sold ours yet, and it is the pits. We've been renting here in UT but are really feeling like it's time to move on and settle into our "real" home, wherever that is. We recently found one that I, surprisingly, like quite a lot (surprisingly because it's older than I'd like, has a smaller kitchen, etc.). However, it would take a miracle to buy it b/c it's a bit out of the price range and while we still have the VA house, our financing won't be what it should be. *sigh* I really feel like there is a different plan for us this year...I just wish I knew where and when it was! :)

    Best wishes. You're doing great. The kids are beautiful. I have a soft spot in my heart for baby boy--he reminds me a lot of my littlest one right now and I just want to hug him! :) Can't wait to hear how things go with the move! (I'm actually quite impressed with how much you are able to blog, considering how much you have on your plate!! Go, you! :))


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