Thursday, February 7, 2013

A little family outing to a place I usually dread...

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Noah had an early release day from school recently and so we decided
it was a perfect day to take the kids over to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch.  

I had promised Noah earlier in the week that if he earned smiley faces every day
in his behavior folder---we'd go as a reward.
We haven't been since Taylor was born and so he has been jonesin' to go.

I'm happy to report that he worked really hard all week at school and
everyday earned a smiley face--
so this was the perfect day to take him.

It's always an adventure taking Noah to one of these places.
We can barely contain him or get him to sit still long enough to eat pizza ...
he gets so excited (and sometimes a little too overstimulated) by everthing there is to do.

So,  Jody and I usually tag team it while we're there--
I'll eat while he follows Noah around and then vice-versa--
I'll then do the chasing while Jody gets a break and sits with the babies.

While Noah was playing games, Baby boy had fun riding a few of the kiddie rides
 and sweet Taylor, well---she slept thought it all.  :-)
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Despite the fact that it pains me to go to this place---
...the crowds are usually crazy insane and trying to corral our little guy  
and the babies amidst all the chaos is really stressful.
But thankfully, we just so happened to get there right when they opened 
and missed the busy crowd-- 
we practically had the whole place to ourselves---

Totally the way to go.

I even left with a pretty prize...
Every time we go to Chuck E. Cheese's  or Peter Piper's--
Noah always uses some of his prize loot and buys his mama something.
So, so sweet.

He ran up to me after he finished picking out his prizes and said, 
"Mommy!!  Mommy!! Look, I bought you a beautiful ring!! 
You have to put it on now!"

Man he knows how to melt my heart.
I won't lie--I teared up a little --I always do when he does this.  
The look on his face was priceless--I felt so loved.
He has such a big, loving heart---I'm so, so thankful for that.

And so, our trip to 'ole Chuck E. Cheese's turned out to be
a fun family outing after all.
Practically zero stress for this mama...
When it was time to go, I proudly put my pretty pink sparkly ring on
and we all left Chuck E. Cheese's smiling and happy.

Good times...special memories I want to always remember.



  1. Oh I remember those days. We dreaded going there! Such a sweet thing for Noah to do picking out mom a precious ring. Pink and heart shaped just in time for Valentine's Day!


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