Monday, February 4, 2013

A baby shower for Taylor

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Our sweet friends from church threw Taylor a surprise baby shower recently. 
 It was so wonderful and boy they really surprised me!

My hubby helped the ladies get me there...he's such a stinker!!
We had been out to eat and then went driving around with the kids.
On the drive home-- he got a call and then said we needed to
make a quick stop by Sister Lyons' house.
His excuse was that she had a Sunday School manual he needed---
and since he was driving, he asked me to hop out and run up 
to the front door real quick to get it from her.
And to my surprise---everyone was waiting for me inside with their cameras.

At first I thought I had walked in on a meeting or get-together Sister Lyons was having...
but when they all yelled out "Surprise!!" and I saw Taylor's cake--
I then realized what was going on....

The party started and we brought Taylor in so she could enjoy the fun with us.

We had a great time at the shower--enjoyed a wonderful meal...
played some fun games...

One game was pretty funny to watch, but really gross looking diapers were involved---
they had numbered diapers and in each one was a melted candy bar...
we had to pass them around and try and guess which candy bar was in what diaper.

It was hilarious to watch everyone sniffing these icky looking diapers.
I thought a few of the ladies were going to do a full gag!
So that is why you see pics of dirty looking diapers below. :-)

We oohed and awed over Taylor's presents and her new precious outfits...
and then enjoyed the yummy cake.
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 This sweet baby shower meant so much to both Jody and me.
I'm truly thankful to everyone who helped put it together---we had a blast.
How blessed we are to have such dear friends and loved ones in our life.



  1. How wonderful! But what is the deal with those diapers?? Was it a game?

    1. Yes...the diapers were part of a game we played. Each diaper was numbered and had a candy bar that had been melted inside--pretty gross b/c they resembled poopy diapers--but we all had to pass them around and see if we could guess by smelling what the candy bar was. It was hilarious to watch everyone open them up and smell--we were dying laughing at each other. :-)

  2. Oh my, those diapers are too funny!! I am gonna have to remember that one! She is going to be dressed to the nines in all those beautiful outfits.

    1. Thanks, lauren...she got so many pretty new outfits--I'm definitely going to have fun dressing her. :-)

  3. What fun!!! Way to go Jody. :) That is a beautiful surprise, for sure! So glad you were able to celebrate and have a wonderful time with loving friends.

  4. Taylor is going to be one well-dressed little lady. I'm getting baby-girl hungry looking at all those cute outfits!


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