Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our miserable week with the flu...


The Influenza bug reared it's ugly head and hit our family last week while we were visiting family in East Texas.  Ugh.  

Noah started coughing and running a fever... then baby boy started with the sniffles and began running a nasty fever. 
And by our last day there, I woke up sicker than a dog---the chills, sneezing, fever
 and the most painful cough...we were all three feeling pretty miserable.  
So many people in my hometown were coming down with the flu 
while we were there, so I gathered that was what we all had.

I didn't get a flu shot this year (not smart in hindsight), 
but I made sure the boys got theirs, so I
was a little surprised they caught it.

We flew home at the end of last week and let me just say--
having to travel with our little ones sick 
and feeling so nauseated and achy myself...
hands down, it was one of THE MOST MISERABLE experiences.  
I just kept trying to focus on the fact that we were about to be
home and close to our family doctor and 
the fact that I would get to sleep in my own bed brought me great comfort.

But the whole time I just kept praying that God would watch over us
and that little Taylor would not catch this horrible bug. 
I know it can be so dangerous for a  2-month old to get the flu.

Before we left for the airport, I asked my dad and Jody to give me
a priesthood blessing.  I just really didn't know how I was going
to be able to travel while feeling so sick.
I honestly was worried the airlines might not let me on the plane looking so sick.
I considered staying at my parents with Taylor and letting
Jody fly on back with the boys.
But my mom was just as sick with the flu, too, so I decided I better just tough
it out and get on home with my family.

Thank goodness Jody felt okay and was able to navigate us all through the airport 
and did the driving home from the airport that night.  
Such a blessing from above that he and Taylor were feeling okay.

   PicMonkey Collage photo001

I don't know when I have felt so sick...miserable sick.
And then, as all you moms out there know---when your babies are sick, too--
you don't have the luxury of having some down time to feel better.

The doctor appointment the next morning confirmed what I dreaded---
baby boy and I had the flu. 
Noah didn't test positive for it, however he had a bad ear infection, 
red throat and chest congestion. 
 I still think he had the flu, too-- it may have been a false negative, 
because he had all of our same symptoms.

Needless to say...we've all been stuck in the house feeling really, really crummy 
for  the past 5 days on the mend.

Thank goodness for modern medicine.
It is working and we are all finally starting to feel better.

But even moreso, I am so grateful for the scriptures.
I have struggled these past few days trying to stay strong physically
and emotionally to take care of baby boy and Noah while feeling so ill.
After I was finally able to lay my head on my pillow each night, I have forced myself to
read my scriptures...I so badly needed to feel close to my Heavenly Father.
With Jody having to stay away from us with Taylor at the end of the house
and the boys feeling so crummy and solely relying on me to help them feel better...
I was really feeling alone and helpless.

This scripture has brought me so much comfort the past few days...
"I  will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you...
My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid"
(John 14:18, 27)

It is humbling to know that even in our darkest of hours,
He is never far away...ready to come to our aid and provide the peace
and comfort that  we need.


While we've been on the mend...the hubby has had to be 
full-time caretaker of Taylor Elizabeth for me.
Literally, the pediatrician said we had to keep her on the other 
end of the house quarantined from us.
We have been so panicked and worried that
she would catch this.

I'm so very grateful that the hubby was able to work
from home the past two days and continue to take
care of her full-time.  

It's warmed my heart to see him care for her...the few times I'd peek in the bedroom door
to check on them...he's either singing to her---taking pictures and videos of her--
or lovingly bathing or dressing her in a cute outfit he handpicked.
They have really bonded these past 5 days...

It's been killing me to not be able to hold her---the last time
I was able to hold her was last Wednesday 
when I first got sick...
during this time the hubby has texted me pics and videos of her
from across the house where they are staying.
Really cute and sweet of him.

Here are just a few he sent me ....

photo004 photo009 photo011 photo012 photo014 photo015 photo016

Little girl is two months old today.
It's precious how her Daddy has dressed her in all her cute
outfits while he's been taking care of her.

I hope she reads this someday about our week with the flu...
and how her sweet Daddy tenderly loved on her and cared 
for her for five whole days all by himself.
He loves you so much baby and is already 
such a protective Papa Bear with you.


  1. She's an absolute doll!

  2. Oh, so, so sorry!!!! That's the pits, big time. I'm really glad that Jody and Taylor "escaped" and could have some good bonding time, though. What a sweet silver lining on a very gray storm cloud.


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