Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The men-folk and their new telescope


Noah has been rock'in it here lately with his good behavior at school. He's been getting
smiley faces everyday, so as a reward, Jody took him to the store to buy a
little telescope. They love looking at stars together outside in the evenings in the
playhouse in our backyard. Noah was so excited when they got home and couldn't wait
to show me his new telescope. They headed out the back door and set it up.
 Noah then came back in the house to get a sleeping bag, two pillows, a bag of
oreo cookies and some bottled water. He smiled at me and said,
"Mom...we have to have snacks, okay!" It was so cute.
 They stayed out there for two hours talking, laughing and looking at the sky
through their new little telescope.

Good father--son times...indeed.
     IMG_4700IMG_4703 IMG_4696 IMG_4694 IMG_4690 IMG_4689

While the men-folk were enjoying the girl and I enjoyed
some bonding time indoors while watching Grey's Anatomy. :-)

Good times...
  IMG_4710IMG_4709 IMG_4711

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