Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sweet baby girl...

Our precious are growing and changing so much.
I am trying my best to soak in and remember every precious moment I have with you.
I learned early on with your big brother Noah, it's so easy to forget all these
daily gems if I don't write them down.

So baby are some things I want to remember today:

I love watching you sleep...there are so many precious expressions
that dance across your sweet face.  You smile a lot when you're dreaming...
I often wonder what you are dreaming and thinking about.

I sometimes think (and hope) that the Savior must be nearby and you
guys are chit-chatting about all sorts of things. :-)

I love how you grunt and groan when you are beginning to wake up.
It cracks your Daddy and I up how loud you get...really funny.
It even wakes your Daddy up from a deep sleep. ;-)

I love how you still suck on your hand really loud when your tummy is's your way of telling me, "It's time to eat, Mama!"

I love how your pretty blue eyes fill with little tears and you get the biggest grin
when I am talking and cooing with you---I can already tell that you are 
beginning to recognize our voices and you know the sound of your name.

I absolutely adore taking pictures of you...someday, like your big brother,
I know you will get tired of mama always taking your picture--but
hopefully when you look back at them and can appreciate them--- you will know
they were all the precious moments that I enjoyed sharing with you and wanted to 
capture for you to enjoy someday.

You are a little hummer sweetie...your birthmother, grandmother and I so loved hearing
you hum from the minute you were born in the hospital.
We wondered if you'd keep humming...
And you are still doing it this's the sweetest little sound and you do it
mostly when you are in a deep sleep...I could listen to it forever.
It's heavenly....

When I took you to the pediatrician last week for your one month check up...
all the nurses came over to see you and told me how pretty you are.
They always get excited when you come in to see the doctor.
The doctor weighed you and man you have grown...
you now weigh over 9.11 ounces and are 21.6 inches long.

I'm so grateful that you are a happy and healthy baby girl.

My favorite time of the day is when I get to hold you in my arms...
you love to be rocked and have a blanket wrapped snug around you.

I hope you always know my precious girl how much you are loved 
by your family.  We all prayed so long for you.

It was sweet---your big brother didn't know I was watching him the other afternoon
when he walked over to you (while you were in your swing sleeping)...
he turned the music on for you that plays on your swing
and then he very softly kissed you on your forehead and told you he loved you.

What a tender moment this was for me to watch...I know he will always 
love you and protect you when we aren't around.  What comfort
this brings your Daddy and me.

Yes, Taylor Elizabeth....
I want you to always know that there are many of your loved ones, 
including your birthmother and extended family
who think of you daily, love you dearly and pray for your well-being.

My heart is overflowing with love for you...I am so, so thankful to have 
you in my life.  You bring me, your Daddy and your big brother, Noah the greatest
joy and happiness

We love you sweet baby girl...with all our hearts.


  1. my heart is so happy every single time i come to your blog. what a beautiful family jenn! she is beautiful. i love the picture of you lying on the bed holding her while you are asleep. it made me cry. haha. i couldn't be more happy for your family. what a beautiful miracle we have all been blessed to watch unfold. love u!

  2. Love, love, love that baby girl!



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