Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Are you really Santa Claus, or just some guy in a costume?


Can you guess what is happening in this photo? 

 Yes, that would be our darling (and sometimes too smart for his own good)
 6 yr. old son grilling poor Saint Nick about his true identity. 

Jody and I decided to take the kids the other night to Bass Pro Shop's Santa's Wonderland
 We heard that a special visitor from the North Pole was going to be there. 
 Noah was all excited and couldn't wait to go and have a chat with Santa Claus. 
 He was fully prepared to give Santa a run down of his wish list....
at the top of his list is an electric train set and a new airplane.

But when it came time for his turn to go sit on Santa's lap...
he slowly walked over to him and instead of sitting on his lap,
he proceeded to take the stern stance that you see above.

I'll tell ya at this heart began to race and I started to hive.  
I had no idea what he was about to say.  And I thought---surely he isn't already figuring this out.
But as we started snapping the pictures and videoing this...
Noah began a very thorough interrogation of Santa Claus.
(like father --like son---we may have another little attorney in the making here!)

Noah said to Santa (with his arms crossed and this inquisitive look on his face)...
"Hey---Are you really Santa Claus 
or just some guy in a costume?...
You really just look like some guy wearing 
a Santa costume or something."


Santa Claus stuttered for a minute and then cleared his throat and said with this deep, 
and very believable Santa Claus boisterous voice...
"Well young man, the address on my 
driver's license is the North Pole...
isn't that proof enough?"

Noah calmly responded with, "Huummm...well---I guess so."

He proceeded to ask him a few more questions and then he seemed convinced.


He walked closer to Santa and told him all about the electric train set and airplane 
he is hoping Santa will bring him..but he opted to not sit on Santa's lap this year.  :-(

Jody and I were cracking up though watching this whole scene play out.
There's never (and I literally mean NEVER) a dull day with our son.  

But I will say, it was a little bit of a shocker for us because it's pretty evident
that he is wising up and figuring this whole Santa gig out 
way, way, way sooner than we expected.

Afterwards, Jody was beaming with pride with the way Noah handled his 
interrogation of Santa Claus....he definitely has some of Daddy's 
lawyering skills going on!

I think Santa's face says it all below---poor guy....he definitely got worked
 over on this night by a very inquisitive 6 year old!

I'll share more pictures from our fun, family night at 


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  1. Hahaha! That is too funny and so freaking cute! It is amazing how quickly they grow up and figure things out now a days. I think I was 10 by the time I figured it out.


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