Sunday, November 25, 2012

A big brother's love

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing...

I was feeding Taylor this morning and Noah came in my bedroom and gave
her the gentlest kiss on her forehead, very carefully climbed
onto our bed where we were and then asked if he could help me feed his sister. 

And so I helped him gently take over the bottle and he fed her 
--all the while rubbing her forehead and talking to her.

A very touching moment...

After about a minute of holding her bottle he said, 
"Mom, my arm take over."

He then jumped off the bed and ran into the den to continue watching
his Max and Ruby episode.

However brief it was....I know Taylor felt the love of her big brother
today and it was the sweetest thing to witness.

I hope that over the years Noah will always want to be a loving, caring
big brother to his little sister...that they will develop a deep and abiding
brother - sister bond that will carry them through the good and bad times together.
It's so touching that he already loves his little sister so much and
is anxiously concerned about her well being.

How thankful I am today for special family moments like these.

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